Apple’s First Revised Samsung Notice Appears in Newspapers


The day after UK judges declared Apple’s “apology” on its website was a “breach of the order”, the Cupertino company removed the “non-compliant” post and published the first newspaper adverts to comply with the court’s ruling.

Apple notice to Samsung

The Next Web has spotted Apple’s revised advertisement in this morning’s Guardian. The advert includes the same statement the company posted on its website, except the comments that caused yesterday’s hype surrounding the notice. As noted by Matt Brian, the advert seems to be printed as requested by the original ruling: 14 pt Arial font.

Apple needed to act fast: the UK judges’ first reaction to its post was, as cited by Bloomberg, “I’m at a loss that a company such as Apple would do this. That is a plain breach of order.”

Apple received a 24-hour deadline to remove the notice, as its request for a 14-day delay was rejected. As of this morning, the post is no longer available on the website, but Apple needs to update the Samsung notice on the front page of its main, website within 48 hours. The notice needs to be printed in 11 pt Arial font.

Although we don’t have information about when Apple’s website will be updated with the revised notice, stay tuned — we’ll keep you posted.


  • Google

    Apple is really out of its mind.
    Apple should follow what the judge said.
    They behave like a kid , what a shame.

  • Do you know why our rights and freedoms have been eroded? It is because of people like you who follow authority figures without question. Maybe even judges should have someone to answer to. Maybe even they should have accountability.

    Maybe the public servants should learn their place once again. They are here to serve us, not the other way around.

  • That judge doesn’t know much about branding. Ordering them to use an off-brand font and design layout makes this ad seem like it’s not coming from Apple at all. It also makes it boring, and I wouldn’t bother reading it under normal circumstances. If I were Apple, I’d be thrilled at the judge’s ruling that they use “14 pt Arial font.”

    Seriously, how many people are going to read this? He didn’t even order that they had to put an Apple logo on it? What a waste of UK taxpayers money (the money spent to decide upon this ruling and pay this judge).

  • bradg17

    Yes! I’m tired of all the ass kissing and mindless following of the authority figures by pretty much all of society. They think they’re untouchable and we gotta show them that they were put to work FOR US.

  • Cottonswab

    Apple being Apple again, No Apple logo to signify they are the guilty party. At least it wasn’t as bad as the one on their website which was basically a contempt of court move.