Latest Samsung TV Ad Targets the iPhone, BlackBerry [VIDEO]


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Samsung has released another TV ad to target the iPhone and BlackBerry. The 30 second clip details a scene in an office where one worker is talking about reducing “redundancies” in the office, yet is called out when she is carrying both an iPhone and BlackBerry. The reason for using two phones is because no company has been able to make a phone that can both take a picture and email really well, claims the office worker. Then, it pans to the Galaxy Note II. Umm…since when was the iPhone not able to take pictures well and do email?

These commercials are pretty funny you have to admit, but in the end Samsung remains seen by many as a “fast follower” instead of innovator. Apple’s TV ads continue to focus on apps and what iOS devices can do to make life better and easier.

Check out the video below and tell me what you think:

Samsung spent almost $4 billion dollars in 2012 on marketing, more than Coca Cola and it appears to have paid off. In a recent Brand Finance study, the South Korea company was closely ranked behind Apple worldwide in terms of brand power. Once amicable business partners, both companies have since become bitter rivals and “frenemies”. Last year, Samsung’s ad mocking Apple users was the most viral tech ad of 2012.


  • crosseyed_mofo

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  • pegger1

    so is your boyfriend.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    it would be awkward if he wasnt

  • tubby

    Your comment regarding iPhone’s capability has nothing to do with the ad referencing the ease, or lack there of, in performing those tasks versus the Samsung. Your apparent fanboi nature towards iPhone renders you opinion on the ad inconsequential. Not that the Samsung is much better. But the ad is good

  • hub2

    They might be the #1 selling in some markets, during some quarters, but by violating a key advertising rule that all #1 brands adhere to (never acknowledge or show competitor in your ads), they’ve shown themselves to have a #2 and even #3 mentality.


    The ad is retarded, who the hell has any problems with email or camera on iphone 5, just another attempt to make Sambung look better, you don’t see apple having to dis the galaxy line to get customers cause just like fandroids they have to talk shit. Lol

  • cUn1t

    That is definitely not an unwritten rule that #1 brands have. Who would you consider to be the #1 brand in the tech industry? By your definition, it isn’t Apple. Remember the PC vs. Mac commercials?

  • heyyoudvd

    Those ads occurred long before Apple become the #1 brand in consumer electronics. In fact, at the time, Apple was worth about 1/8th as much as it’s worth today. The point is that Apple was absolutely not the top brand at the time. It is now, but when’s the last time Apple has shown or mentioned the competition? It hasn’t in years.

  • WatDaPhuck

    I remember, but since when is the abbreviation PC a brand?

  • hub2

    What heyyoudvd said. Plus, the ad was targeted for the traditional computer market, where Apple most definitely was not, and still is not, number one.

    AFAIK, not one Apple-made iPhone ad ever acknowledged a competitor directly the way Samsung keeps doing. In other words, Apple was already in the mindset that they were #1 even at a time when they weren’t.

  • Android hater for life

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  • cUn1t

    Don’t you remember the Vista Blues?

  • cUn1t

    Coke vs. Pepsi. Basically every car manufacturer compares their cars. Verizon vs. AT&T. There are sooo many examples of companies poking fun at other companies which is great advertising. Apple wasn’t so hesitant to poke fun at Samsung saying their line of tablets wasn’t “as cool as iPads” when they were forced to release a print ad by the courts.

  • cUn1t

    Apple wasn’t so hesitant in saying Samsung’s line of tablets wasn’t “as cool as iPads”

  • hub2

    Under court order they had to mention Samsung by name. Not the same as a normal ad.

  • hub2

    I see Pepsi mentioning Coke. It may have happened but I don’t remember Coke ever mentioning Pepsi.

    Cars–there’s never a constant, clear #1, so it’s open season.

    Apple saying Samsung stuff “wasn’t as cool”… you even acknowledged that the court forced Apple to do the ad, how could you not know they were ordered to mention Samsung by name? It’s clearly not the same situation as putting out their own ad voluntarily.

  • Teflon

    I switched from iPhone 4s to a galaxy note 2. I can honestly say I miss the smoothness of the iPhone. In every other way my note is better. I actually think the galaxy is easier to use despite the fact that its supposed to be the other way around. Also I haven’t bought into the full apple ecosystem which was a real headache at times. So I think these commercials are letting people know that there is an alalternative.

  • cUn1t

    They were ordered to mention Samsung, not poke fun at them. That was Apple *voluntarily* making fun of Samsung. The court slapped Apple with Samsung’s court fees for putting that jab in there as well.

  • cUn1t

    What is the difference between a normal ad and a not normal ad?

  • hub2

    The point is they *already* had to mention them. They were already forced to give the competitor exposure (in effect, prominently advertising for Samsung), so they decided, maybe unwisely, to try turning it to their advantage or at least lessening the damage.

    That is just plain and simply NOT the same as a regular ad that is commissioned from someone within Apple.