Winning While Losing: Apple’s ‘Thermonuclear’ War Against Android

If we take the numbers as granted, Apple is clearly losing ground and indeed needs to introduce a cheaper iPhone to attract more buyers and increase market share. That’s right: Apple currently stands at 15% market share on a global scale while Android owns 75%, according to IDC’s recent data.

But that’s market share. And as Apple’s head of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller said, the company isn’t after market share but to deliver the best products. So Apple “struggles” to keep up with Android, but – as the reports show – it fails.

Now let’s look at the numbers again and add some more info: Despite owning 15% of the market, Apple captured nearly 80% of the entire cellphone industry profits, despite Samsung is spending $4 billion on advertising and promotions.

Secondly, iOS generates the most revenue of mobile advertising. In fact 70% of mobile ad revenue comes from iOS. Google makes more money from iOS than from its own Android.

In addition, iPhone and iPad owners seems use their devices more than Android owners. They spend more money using e-commerce sites and the percentage of paying Game Centre users is getting higher as mobile devices take over gaming platforms.

Another quick fact: Apple paid $7 billion to iOS developers, while Google’s pay check accounted for several hundred million dollars. Not bad, but if we talk about Google Play catching up with the App Store – well, in terms of app numbers, it surely does. But will developers need to switch their jobs to make a living?

In other words, the numbers don’t lie, Apple is not done by any means. Samsung already knows that, and is already preparing for the switch with its Tizen OS.

[Via Mac360]

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  • Spinradar

    Canada’s #1 iPhone spin doctor

  • KJ

    Honestly I could careless if an android phone could wipe my ass I’d still prefer my iPhone….not cause I’m a fan boy just like the apple have long before it was ever “cool” to own one….quality over quantity that’s what it’s all about

  • hendrix fuentes

    Owning 15% of the market but making 80% of all the profit! That’s how much we the consumer got rip-off from all these years from these greedy apple executive mafias! And that’s the main reason I hated these over prized apple icraps products. And for all the isheeps out there.. you geeks deserve what you got! suffer biatches!

  • Gary

    Why are you so mad?

  • Chelsea H.

    You’re clearly on the wrong website… now go F*** yourself

  • FragilityG4

    How is Apple different from BMW or Mercedes? If you want the best built product you have to pay a premium. If you want value buy a Dodge or an Android phone.

  • hendrix fuentes

    Really? ? Where do you wanna start the comparison? You isheeps so blind lol

  • hendrix fuentes

    Lol iphone5 what a leap in technology.

  • FragilityG4

    And you fAndroids are so gullible.

  • hendrix fuentes

    Haha gullible is when you buy a product based on a name and hype. We like to call ourselves educated buyers based on performance. I can guarantee you if windows or bb comes up with better gadgets i will be ditching my note2 in a flash because i buy based on performance unlike you isheeps lol

  • FragilityG4

    Hey you’re entitled to your opinion. I on the other hand have always used Apple products and they have never let me down. I don’t buy for the sake of buying, I have a mortgage and a one year old. I buy when I’m ready to buy.
    The fact that my 3GS lasted me three years and still had value when I sold it means I wasn’t let down.
    I suppose if Apple ever lets me down I might consider other products but I personally have past the time burning money on phones (I use to buy new phones every month). I know this iPhone 5 will last me three years plus. My MacBook has been running well for nearly six years. Apple is reliable and well supported.
    If you love your note2 good for you. It’s not for me – way too big. But I do find it interesting you’re on an iPhone blog site … I personally don’t visit Android sites because I truly have no interest – can you say the same about iOS?

  • WatDaPhuck

    A few friends and I still uses the old iPod as the music library in our cars.
    My parents still using the 4GS and 3GS, and the 2G for playing music as well.
    I also have a few friends still using 4-5 year old MacBooks.

    I’m no Apple fan or geek myself, but I choose to buy them for the quality. And I believe I do deserve what I got, quality products that last.

    But you are right about one thing, what you call “isheeps” are all suffering. All suffering from fandroids’ constant attacks and harassment. Not once have I ever seen “isheep” attack first. At least they don’t go on Android sties or forums and tries to start some shit. But hey, whatever helps you feel better about yourself.

  • KJ

    Lol no shit. Never have I even thought of going to any android sites….lol android ppl sure sweat apple

  • hendrix fuentes

    Lol for your info I own the latest mac pro. So does that qualify me as part of the isheeps flocks? ? seriously between my note2 and 55 inch Samsung smart tv I really don’t have any use of my mac except that it probably looks good to have it at coffee shops to see other dumb isheeps gettin orgasm lookin at it. lol more like comparing Mercedes vs the latest f15 jet this thing note2 rocks!

  • FragilityG4

    Coming from the guy who admits to having a note2 … Yeah that was a huge leap.

  • -Really-

    Show me the benchmarks of one android powered phone that beats the iPhone. Not specs, actual benchmarks. You state apple consumers are blinded however it seems android users spit out specs that do t deliver, just like a windows PC. I am awaiting benchmark results that clearly demonstrate on phone stumping th iPhone 5.

  • Fd

    The best part is your a troll ahahahah

  • Chelsea H.

    Woah Woah… hendrix fuentes… Didn’t I just tell you to go f*** yourself and go to your fanroid website? Why are you back? No one wants to see you plastic crap on this site. Shoot!

  • hendrix fuentes

    Damn right isheeps your icrap phone is a leap backward indeed! Lol

  • hendrix fuentes

    If there was a benchmark of excellents re gouging every dollars from dumb isheeps then yes icraps wins it hands down!

  • hendrix fuentes

    Sorry but hey just admit it even my camera on note2 have more features than the entire icrap5 to offer. lol

  • hendrix fuentes

    Trailer trashed with a decades old 2G icrap. you have talent on giving a good’ol incest brotherly bj u should stick to that familiar area! Lol

  • hendrix fuentes

    Nah just voicing my opinion lol

  • Sam A

    Better yet why is he on an iPhone site? Guys stop feeding the troll lol. If you’re happy with your Note good for you :)

  • hendrix fuentes

    So you clearly have no clue as which phones is the smartest since you hold on to your phone 3 = 30 human years! I change my phones once every 6 months so guess what i know more about phone as far as experience. And yes I got about same value of my money if not more. I probably lost 200 to 250 a year based on depreciation cost a year but then gained a lot by more on mostly free android apps and downloads lol

  • WatDaPhuck

    Sorry but hey just admit it, you don’t even use those features.

    And obviously you have no idea what’s in the App Store.

  • hendrix fuentes

    Really nah you just jealous. . I actually use a lot like capturing hd slow motion camera on sports training like hockey, weight lifting and so on. Very useful when you wanted to see perfect execution on your technique. Then you wouldn’t know that because that features isn’t coming to icraps for another couple years lol. Maybe by then they would have announced a patent on it as well lol

  • Chelsea H.

    HEY! Don’t you know what’s called SHUT UP? Plus, learn how to spell properly you douchebag

  • hendrix fuentes

    R u butt hurt my 2G princess lol

  • Hendrix is dumb… go home..

    Your entire spelling is garbage…. you call yourself educated. wow.

  • djepsilon

    I remember when my mom first started letting me use the Internet. Good times.

  • iFanBoysUnite

    Hey Hendrix, Apple has a secret weapon – Apple Maps LOL. Yes, our iOS hasn’t really changed since 2007, same wall of ancient icons since the beginning of time, But we have dedicated iSheep, ready to buy the next iPhone no matter how outdated, and uninnovative it has become. Like mindless drones, we like the fact that we can’t customize the iOS to our liking, and can care less about any new features.

  • Ds

    Ahah it’s so obvious Hendrix is an closet iPhone user….just saying

  • Peter Pottinger

    I simply shake my head in disbelief and realize what a cesspool humanity has become when people argue over which technology company validates their existence the most.