Bell ‘NumberShare’ Pairs Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular to iPhone, Pricing at $5/Month [u]


Bell is the first wireless carrier in Canada to support Apple Watch Series 3 cellular models, as their logo was shown on stage at Apple’s special event today. Telus will be the second coming soon, while Rogers was not mentioned at all.

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How will your Apple Watch Series 3 cellular work with Bell? For starters, Apple Watch will be the first wearable device in the country to use advanced Voice over LTE (VoLTE).

Bell’s new feature called NumberShare will link your iPhone number with your cellular Apple Watch, allowing voice, text and data from a customers smartphone plan. The company filed for the trademark back in May of this year. Now we know it was intended for Apple Watch Series 3 cellular models.

What is Bell’s pricing to add your Apple Watch cellular to your existing smartphone plan? It will cost $5 per month on a new Smartwatch Plan add-on (Includes NumberShare), while a promotion will offer customers who activate an Apple Watch the first three months free.

Bell has turned on remote provisioning support for eSIM technology, which has enabled the carrier to be part of the Apple Watch self-activation process when it comes to setting up a cellular plan.

Apple Watch Series 3 pricing in Canada starts at $429 CAD, while cellular pricing starts at $519 CAD. Telus—which shares a nationwide network with Bell—will support Apple Watch cellular users “later this year”, according to Apple’s website.

Update: Since Bell does not support VoLTE in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, these provinces won’t get Apple Watch Series 3 cellular support.

Update 2: Bell’s website regarding smartwatch plans details the following:

  • Additional data is $0.07/MB
  • A $10 one-time connection charge applies on your first bill.
  • Your smartphone phone number is extended to your watch – voice and text is then shared via NumberShare
  • A Smartwatch plan is activated directly from Apple Watch Series 3. Simply follow the on-screen instructions when you first pair Apple Watch Series 3 with your phone.
  • Up to five Apple Watch Series 3 watches


  • DonatelloNinjaTurtle

    Rogers Y U No support eSIM???

  • RickysCV

    Wonder if Virgin will have it as well?

  • My 1/2 cents

    Their LTE network is now about a generation behind the rest.

  • Bailey

    Damn you Rogers!

  • Olley

    so what if you go to states or other countries? what’s the price for roaming?

  • Bob Langevin

    Do we know if it includes bell little brother virgin?

  • Mr Dog

    That is surprisingly reasonable 😛

  • Mr Dog

    I’d assume it is the same as if you would use your phone.

  • You can’t roam.

  • Olley

    so once you leave your home country Apple Watch downgrades itself to series 1. brilliant.

  • wolfshades

    Damn. Looks like I’m going to have to switch carriers. Poor Rogers – stuck playing catch up once again.

  • wolfshades

    Series 2, actually, since it will still be waterproof.

  • Nigel Bailey

    Actually you’re both wrong. It will still be series 3. Just won’t be able to use cellular.

  • wolfshades

    We’re not talking about the literal watch, but the effective watch. In other words, the watch will still literally be the Series 3, as you say, but effectively it’ll be a Series 2, since you won’t actually be able to use all of the Series 3 functions.

  • Well, not exactly… Since Apple is selling the Series 3 without Cellular as well, it’s literally the same as if you’d bought that one. You’ll still be able to take advantage of features like the faster CPU and Siri voice responses.

  • wolfshades

    I was going to go a bit further and talk about how I still wouldn’t be getting full value for my particular brand of Series 3 but….I don’t want to go any further down the rabbit hole. So we’ll just leave it as: you won, I lost. : )

  • Actually, that point is completely valid and fair, considering there’s a $90 CAD price difference between the Series 3 (GPS) and the Series 3 (GPS + Cellular).

  • sukisszoze

    Should ask Rogers when will they support this!!

  • I’d be surprised if you got a straight answer. If Rogers was planning on supporting it soon, they would have likely been up there with Telus.

  • Scouzi

    Great – tethered to Apple company 24/7. Who knows what this thing sends out. All sort of sensors – no thanks.

  • If only Bell had competitive pricing..

  • Dominic

    Shhhh don’t let them know haha

  • Yeah, it’s not just the $5/month for the Apple Watch plan…. it’s more like an extra $40/month to switch to an equivalent Bell plan plus the $5/month for the Apple Watch plan 🙁

  • U.S. carriers are charging $10! But of course…pricing could always go up right? 😛

  • Parksy

    Except if you are me and just bought the series 2 expecting a price drop within the 15 day window. Needless to say, it’s going back and I’ll order the Series 3 for either $60 less or $40 more than I just paid (depending on the model I pick).

  • I’m getting 10GB of data + phone service for under $80 with another carrier. Can’t find anything comparative through Bell.

  • Nice! I’m getting 6GB for $65 from one of the Fido promotions around Christmas last year, but the closest Bell equivalent is $105.

  • sukisszoze

    Any Rogers customers still planning on getting the model with cellular and just wait till Rogers is ready?

  • Michel Plante

    Come on guys ???? Paying a plan for a smart watch ????? GEES ???????????? My Tag Heuer Aquaracer is doing the job just fine.Oh and for the rest there’s my ???? 7 ????????????

  • But..It’s only $5 a month!

  • Metromiller

    Is that price for U.S. plans with unlimited data? For that, I could see it making sense as a good value. Stream Apple Music whenever you like on your watch, while gallivanting through the city. 😛
    On our side of the border, we’ll be paying $5 each month just for the privilege of chipping away at our existing (and limited) data plan. *Cues sad trumpet* – Wah Wah

  • Networx

    Keeping my series 2 watch as my iPhone never gets left behind. That and I’m on a Rogers corporate plan so adding an extra charge to my line ain’t ever gonna happen. Plus phone calls on the watch sound horrible and are just as intrusive as those idiots who insist on using their speaker phones in public when they don’t have to. Annoying.

  • Parksy

    Likely do that. I just bought a series 2 which I’m now returning for one of the series 3 models. Either save $60 with no cellular or $40 extra with it.

  • Update: Rogers responds when asked about Apple Watch Series 3 cellular support:

  • goencz

    Me too Jesse. I hope it comes to Fido!

  • Mario Gaucher

    You could always use a wireless headset like the airpods

  • David Fuchs

    ^ Found the tinfoil hat guy.

  • danheb

    I am getting 16GB for 85$ on Rogers tried Bell since so much publicity from them but the customer service is still the worst in the industry more like getting your nails pull out with pliers can’t even consider going back with them

  • Are you only getting data or something else with it?

  • That’s pretty much the response I expected ????

  • Although I’m very skeptical that real-world performance will be anything like this, Apple’s demonstration on stage yesterday actually sounded surprisingly good — I wouldn’t be surprised if the Series 3 has some serious noise-cancelling technology similar to what the iPhone itself uses.

    (Of course, we could also take the cynical view that Apple faked the whole thing, but I’m not willing to believe they’d outright lie on stage).

  • I’m on Fido, but I’d also be coming from a Series 0, so I might as well get the Series 3 with Cellular at this point. That said, however, I’m also going to sniff around and see what Bell might be able to do… They’ve been pestering me to sign up for one of their Fibe bundles as they just brought FTTH to my neighbourhood, so maybe I can get a slightly better offer.

  • Did they use Facetime or a regular celular call? Guessing it was Facetime since their was video.

  • It was supposed to be a regular cellular call. The video wasn’t part of the call, but was just there to emphasize that the person on the other end was actually out in the middle of a lake, far from their iPhone.

    FaceTime video naturally wouldn’t be supported as the Apple Watch Series 3 doesn’t have a camera 🙂

  • danheb

    Unlimited calling across canada, unlimited texting including international, IPhone value Pack…

  • Are you sure Series 3 doesn’t have a camera? Series 2 does.

  • Is it a loyalty plan?

  • Quite sure, and in fact as far as I know the Series 2 doesn’t have a camera either….

  • It does, there’s even a camera app to take photos from your watch..

  • No, the camera app is to take photos from your iPhone using your Watch as a remote control and viewfinder. There’s definitely no camera in the Watch itself.

  • You’re right, just looked at Apple’s site and there is indeed no camera. 🙂

  • Yup, the fact that there’s a Camera app does make it a bit confusing, and there were a few rumours before the Series 2 landed last year that it was going to include a camera, but that never actually materialized.

    The closest you can get right now is a third-party accessory known as “CMRA” that adds a camera to the watch band.

  • From Bell’s FAQ:

    “You can share your Bell smartphone number with up to five Apple Watch Series 3 watches.”

    That sounds a little excessive 🙂

  • danheb

    I am using my own iPhones (not subsitized) been with Rogers / Fido since 1997 oftem complaining about their high prices lack of higher data plan almost every time getting a 12-24 months rebate or 2GB extra, always paying up front (my account is always in credit) very good customer according to Rogers standards

  • Any idea if you can get cellular service (data only) in SK and MB where there’s no VoLTE support, and just can’t take voice calls, or is it an all or nothing thing?

  • BillaBong

    Can this be possible we can use vigin sim card in iphone and bell for apple watch

  • No.

  • Brenda

    I’m getting 6 GB with unlimited Canada-wide voice and text for for $60. It would be $55 if I hadn’t added a Visual Voicemail bundle. This happens because I call them one or two times a year, usually to clarify something on their web site that isn’t fully explained. I got a $20/month discount on my Fibe Internet in June by upgrading my speed from Fibe 50 to Fibe 150. Still getting around 90 Mbps on tests but don’t mind because I’m paying less for what I had before without upgrading the modem. As long as this keeps happening, I’m sticking with Bell.

  • Nice. I’ve had Bell sending me promotions to try and get me to sign up for a Fibe+Internet+Home Phone bundle now that FTTH is in my neighbourhood, but I have no use for home phone, so I’m going to give them a call and see if I can get some kind of a deal for mobile instead.

  • Time to get shopping 😀

  • Anthony

    No, most plans in the US (at least with the big ones) are not unlimited. They do offer unlimited plans now, but they’re not cheap.

  • R Graham

    actually a valid concern! If you have unfavourable political views imagine the dirt they could collect on you in order to punish you down the road.

  • Jake

    So will Bell be selling the watch directly? Is that how they will provide the promotion, or will it simply be if you activate within the timeframe?

  • I believe it’s activating a Series 3 with Bell. They probably won’t sell them until stock is available.

  • Rishab Swift
  • Michél Nunes

    Will a UK Apple watch cellular work in Bell or Telus? Would love to know. Which LTE does tell use in BC

  • dan

    i am waiting for virgin too. dont want to change my carrier.

  • Jasdeep

    Bell Canada wants me to put up $500 security deposit to activate the Apple Watch 3. Apparently so because the watch internally in their systems get a new number, and I have to pay a security deposit for the new number?

  • GraveAbe

    I’ve got 6 GB data, 300 Anytime minutes and unlimited texting from Virgin. Any chance of getting a similar deal from Bell? I really want an Apple Watch now that it is LTE-capable, but looking at Bell’s plans, there is nothing even close to what I get now.

  • A $10 one-time connection charge applies on your first bill.

  • Are you only getting data or something else with it?

  • TimeLordX

    Bell won’t let you add Apple Watch S3 to your plan unless you have unlimited calling across Canada. That’s how they’re trying to force people out of their good grandfathered plans. It happened to me. Bell rep even told me I have a great plan, but they won’t let me add Apple Watch to it. I used to be able to add new devices to my shared plan. Not anymore.

  • Mathew is a rip off..I purchased a watch, then realized bell wants me to switch to a higher plan with unlimited air time..which I am not going to do any is more that $50 a month

  • alex

    What i find pathetic is Bell literally forcing people into their new plans to get such a basic feature like sharing data onto your watch. Honestly why hasn’t the CRTC or the competition bureau of Canada been able to address these concerns. Better yet why are all you consumers sitting around doing nothing and not voicing your opinions. AM I the only one doing so? Bell has effectively limited who can share their own data onto their own watch that they pay for in a monthly plan. If you’re like me and many others who have a corporate plan with data you literally get sidelined by Bell and told to “go consumer” Ya go consumer pay an incredibly high price for a feature that is so minimal and basic in the world of cellular tech. These telecommunications companies are scam artists to say the least. Many people rely on such technology not only for Convenience but for their own health. For example you may have a heart condition that is monitored with the hear app, when it spikes if you have a condition, imagine your phone died and you don’t have access to a phone, you can’t even call for help for anyone. Imagine if this person was with bell and this person got denied the ability to share his/her number and access the medical services they need. All for bell to literally screw a few customers into paying more money every month. Im sorry but not everyone in the country has a corporate plan and MUCH MUCH less of those people want to pay for sharing data and MUCH MUCH LESS of those people even have apple watch series 3 with cellular data. So instead of being a greedy greedy company to try and get a few extra dollars from a few people, give everyone access to sharing data or at least offer substitute for a different price for those with corporate plans. Honestly if i was a bell customer who got into a car accident and my dead phone got flipped across the car and i could only access my wrist to swipe for emergency services because i was trapped and i couldn’t do so because bell wants to be greedy and make a few extra bucks, I would forever hate bell more than i already do. I used to be a sales rep for a wireless company that sold every providers service, BELL was known BY EVERYONE including their own customers to have the worst, most pathetic disgusting customer service on the market, imagine they used to out garbage WIND mobile LOL what a pathetic fail for such a large company. Hope they wake up or get spit on by some sort of governmental organization.

  • Since Bell does not support VoLTE in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, these provinces won’t get Apple Watch Series 3 cellular support.