Bell, Virgin Already Selling Unlocked iPhone 8, iPhone X and More


On December 1, 2017, a CRTC mandate will require all cellphones sold in Canada to be unlocked, while also eliminating unlocking fees. We’ve already seen some carriers jump ahead of the deadline, and now Bell has confirmed it is selling devices unlocked, according to documents seen by MobileSyrup.

The internal memo says all iPhones sold, including iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X are unlocked, along with those from flanker brand Virgin Mobile. The memo also notes cellular iPads sold are unlocked as well.

In late September, Rogers and Fido were already unlocking smartphones for some customers ahead of the deadline for free, instead of imposing the $50 unlocking fee. Best Buy also previously stated all iPhones sold are also unlocked, even those on contract.

Bell and Virgin launched iPhone X pre-orders last Friday, alongside Telus, Koodo and Rogers. Fido will launch iPhone X pre-orders on November 1.

Apple’s iPhone X launches in Canada on Friday, November 3. Earlier today we saw some of the first hands-on videos of the new device, showcasing its OLED Super Retina display and Face ID feature.


  • Daniel

    The million dollar question… Would i be able to go into anyone of these providers and buy the phone outright even if I’m not a customer of theirs ?

  • Dealaama

    No, you need to get a plan even to buy a phone outright.

  • The title of this article made me think that carriers jumped the gun and were selling iPhone X early.

    Clever game Gary… 😉 lol

  • Whoops, didn’t even notice it sounded like that!

  • kekekeke

    yes they are, but the no term price for Bell is $40 higher than Apple’s. The unlocking fee is probably priced in already.

  • AEdouard

    Is that true for on contract purchases too? Read here that Rogers and Fido, without saying it, were actually not locking their on contract iPhones now. Don’t care that much about paying the $50, but the 3 month waiting time is annoying. I’m leaving for Europe in a week and getting an iPhone X from Fido Friday (they offer it now).

  • VJ

    Can anybody confirm that their 8 or 8 Plus on bell contract is actually unlocked?