Bell, Rogers, Fido Launch Six Months Unlimited Local Calling Promotion


March 2010 is turning out to be the month of Canadian wireless carrier promotions!

First Rogers launched their free 6PM early evenings add-on and waived the $35 activation fee (Fido too). Then Bell followed, with Virgin Mobile (only $35 wavier for Virgin), and matched the same promotions. Then Telus followed Rogers/Bell and released their own 6PM free add-on and $35 activation fee waiver. And the promotions don’t stop there!

Effective today for Bell, and effective March 24, 2010 for Rogers, Bell and Rogers are launching a promotion that gives customers six months of unlimited local calling. SIX MONTHS! These carriers are usually providing one month or no months (like Rogers!) of unlimited calling and now they’re giving out SIX!

The six months unlimited local calling bonus is available on the following 3-year term in-market plans from Rogers:

  • Value Plans for phones
  • Value Plans for Smartphones
  • iPhone plans
  • Couples & Family Share Plans
  • All business plans
  • EPP plans

Edit: It has been confirmed that Fido is not going through with the six month promo. It remains with Rogers however.

The six months unlimited local
calling bonus is available on the following 3-year term in-market plans from Bell:

  • Voice Plans for phones
  • Combo Plans for Smartphones
  • iPhone plans
  • Share Plans
  • EPP plans

All new activations will automatically have the six months unlimited local calling bonus automatically added upon activation.

Existing Rogers & Bell Customers

The promotion may also have been extended to existing customers on a reactive basis. There’s no guarantee but call anyways and ask.

What this means is that existing customers must move to an in-market plan (dumping your current plan if it was not released in the last month or so) and renew their plan term for 3 years (does not affect hardware upgrade date). After the plan changes, the six unlimited local calling bonus will be applied manually for existing customers.

This promotion is expiring on March 31, 2010. Now we just need Telus to jump in to make it a party!

So, free $35 activation fees, free 6PM early evenings, and now unlimited local calling for six months. Is that enough to sign for three years?


  • name123123

    wow this really is the month of Canadian carrier competition! I just hope a similar wave of…er…I know it's not 'charity' per say but whatever this is I hope it sticks around when the new iPhone comes out that's for sure

  • JMCD23

    So I could call up Fido, renew my contract which has 27 months left and get it back up to 36, but my hardware update date would remain at 27? Just curious, I doubt I'll do it as I use skype when my minutes run low. Very happy to see the carriers finally being somewhat competitive….thanks wind?

  • That's right. But fido hasn't launched this yet. Tomorrow is their date.

  • kriz

    hi, i have mega incoming plan with 100 day time mins + unlimited incoming + call display with name display, and call waiting. i called rogers to get the early evening promotion but they said i cant get that. so im wondering if i called the rogers again for this promotion , are they gonna say the same thing ? or should i get a new plan?
    but i dont wanna loose my $25 mega incoming plan ๐Ÿ™
    any ideas plz

  • If you read the post again, and again, we have clearly listed that you
    must DUMP your current plan for a new plan in order to get the early

  • Jack

    Screw the carriers. I just cancelled my Fido contract ($300 penalty) and will never go on a contract ever again. I don't care how amazing a temporary deal the carrier can dangle.

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  • TriC

    you are really dumb.. you know you can sell your contract on say kijji and give your phone away for free with it. and lots of people will take over your contract if you give them a free phone.. and there is no cost to you.. if you don't want to sell your phone. just get one cheep off kijji say for $50 bucks and give it away for free with your contract… wow I feel sorry for people like you that get suckerd into paying a Penalty to leave there contract.

  • xKaMikAx

    Telus has followed as well. And they are starting today.

  • TomsIphone

    Nice teaser….so when is the unlimited data plan coming for iphone users? Oh yea, at a reasonable price, too ๐Ÿ™‚ I just can't believe that no carrier has come out with this!

    BTW, for iphones, if you want to turn off your data, go to “” on your iPhone in Safari and follow the instructions. You can restore the phone at any time so that you can access the cellular data again. I find this handy when in the US with an AT&T card. The data eats up the card quickly ๐Ÿ™‚ I use a 3GS with 3.1.2, JB and unlocked.

  • KC

    Ok I called Fido this morning to inquire about the 6 month umlimited local calling promo. They are not aware of any such promo. I checked on the Fido/Rogers/Telus websites, and none of them indicate anything of this nature. Are you sure this is legit information? I tweeted this on Twitter, and I really don't like to be posting false information. Please confirm your source to prove this promotion is real.

  • Calm. Give it a few days for the reps to be made aware.

    Telus is the only one to currently update their site.

  • JJ

    haha I dont see wind mobile as part of ths offer…..oh yeah their billionaire owner didnt hear about this all the way in Egypt….lol

  • JM

    I'm in Calgary, AB.
    I went around downtown to confirm this promotion.

    Telus Mobility has it on their website, but I do not see it for Rogers/Fido/Bell.

    I went to the Rogers kiosk and they confirmed with me the early evening (6pm) unlimited and 6 months unlimited local calling.

    I went to Wireless Wave, which carries Telus/Bell/Rogers/Fido, and they confirmed with me that Bell has this promotion as well. The rep at Wireless Wave did not hear of any such promotion for Fido.

    I went to call Fido just as KC did, and they confirmed with me that they are not doing that promotion at the moment. What's going on???

  • Rogers always takes a while to update their site.

    Good investigative work! Maybe Fido decided to back down?

  • JM

    That would really suck if that was the case.

    I wanted to get the iPhone with the $15/month plan with a $25 or $30 data plan… $40-$45/month is pretty good, especially with unlimited local calling.

    After the 6 month promotion I was going to upgrade it. Rogers/Telus/Bell don't carry voice plans as cheap as Fido. This sucks haha… Now what to do….?? I guess I'll wait and see if Fido changes their tune.

  • Jack

    It was worth it to deprive Fido of the long term contract revenue and to give them a piece of my mind. Voting with my wallet and all that.

  • Tyronee

    I also checked and fido was not aware of the deal. When would be a good time to check back with them because I thought the promotion is ending in like 5-6 days?

  • Joey

    I have called Rogers 2 times and they don't offer the 6 month unlimited calling for existing Rogers customers….
    Maybe I should try Retention ?

  • JM

    Go to the Rogers kiosk, the rep I talked to there said the promo is real.

  • JM

    Actually, nevermind, I didn't see you say “existing” customer. If you sign up for another 3-year plan, then maybe?

  • markton

    Just bought a 2nd iphone last week. Renewed both for new 3 year term. Was 6 months into old term. Called tonight and they were not “reactive”. Would not give me the 6 months unlimited local. Only offered 3 months unlimited local incoming on both phones. Any other current subscribers have luck with this promo

  • oortian

    Wind Cellular service will be in Vancouver very soon. They are already in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Ottawa. They have no contracts and with their $45/month package offer unlimited calling anywhere in Canada (not a promotion…permanent feature). Have a look at their website Finally a company ready to give Canadians the kind of cell services and prices that most of the rest of the world already enjoys.

  • oortian

    Check out Wind Mobile All this nonsense with the big three will be history soon as this new company offers the very best and no contracts. How about unlimited incoming/outgoing calls and texts anywhere in Canada (i.e. free long distance in Canada) on their $45/month plan. Most other features you usually pay for with the big three are included for $45/month like Caller ID, voice mail, unlimited texts, first month free, .25 cents a minute roaming on calls from the US to Canada and many other good things. I am waiting for them to open in Vancouver soon. They are already in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Ottawa. We finally have a choice and can say “bye bye forever” to the greedy three.


    when its coming to canada?(BC)


    when its coming to canada?(BC)