Fido Promo: $60 Plan with 10GB Data to Expand to Ontario on Dec. 16 [u]


The wireless tango frenzy continues, as now Fido is reportedly planning to extend its $60/10GB promo plan with unlimited Canada-wide calling and text to Ontario, for new customers. You may have luck speaking to Retentions to see if they’ll make a last ditch attempt to match before making a switch.

The plan originally was offered by Rogers and Fido, limited to Alberta and British Columbia, in what appeared to be a move on Freedom Mobile and Telus customers in Western Canada.

Telus responded by having its flanker brand Koodo Mobile launch their own $60/10GB plan for Alberta and British Columbia, but in a surprise move extended the offer to Ontario. Koodo also made its 10GB data permanent, unlike the Rogers/Fido offer, which only offered 5GB bonus for 24 months.

Now, according to RFD, Fido will extend their $60/10GB offering to Ontario on Saturday, December 16th, which is the same day Telus will launch their own $60/10GB offering.

The Fido $60/10GB plan for Ontario will be the same as the one offered for Alberta and BC—5GB bonus data will expire after 24 months.

So far, we’ve seen Rogers/Fido, Koodo and Bell currently offer $60/10GB promo plans. Telus will debut theirs on December 16, while today, Virgin Mobile launched their own $55/10GB plan as a “one day” offering, before they launch their own $60/10GB plan on Saturday as well.

Out of all these plans, it appears Koodo’s offering is the one customers are favouring, as it is on the Telus nationwide LTE network—plus the 10GB data is permanent and does not expire after 24 months. Do note Bell’s $60/10GB promo also has data that is permanent as well.

So to conclude, on Dec. 16, we will see Telus, Virgin and Fido extend the $60/10GB plan to Ontario. Looks like you guys out east won’t be missing out after all. If only these offers were extended to all provinces and not just ones affected by Freedom Mobile’s LTE network.

Did you get $60/10GB promo plan? If so, which carrier did you switch to?

Update: Fido’s website lists Dec. 19 as the expiry for this plan for customers in Ontario. Still showing Dec. 18 for BC and Alberta.


  • Manpreet Singh

    Love this! ? Santa’s happy with white Christmas

  • Aceclutch

    I just want a $40 4gb plan. 🙁

  • Cyrus Wu

    Bestbuy sent an email, from Dec 16 to 18. Virgin, Fido and Koodo offer it in Ontario.

  • BB BB

    Just ported from Rogers to Koodo. Bye Bye Robbers.

  • DONALDainamaito TRUMPetto

    LOVE the price war lol and Freedom just responded them with a limited time offer.

    **Special Offer:** For a limited time only get 10GB LTE data + talk for $50/mo. Offer runs December 16-19.

    **Home Network:**

    * Data: 10GB full-speed data
    * Talk: Unlimited talk to Canada and the U.S.
    * Text: Unlimited global text, picture and video messaging

    **Away Network (Canada):**

    * Data: 500MB full-speed data
    * Talk: 2400 minutes of talk to Canada and the U.S.
    * Text: Unlimited global text

    **Included Features:**

    * World Saver (International calling from 1¢/minute)
    * Voicemail+
    * Call Control (Caller ID, Missed Call Alerts, Conference Calling, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting)
    * Freedom Wi-Fi Access

    this plan *does not include US ROAMING* unlike the old Everywhere Promo 50 plan

  • Olley

    This is so money lol. I think a lot of people agree that 10 dollars per GB data plan is the sweet spot.

  • cjdmuppet

    9 years with Rogers and they didn’t even try to send me to retentions. Paid off balance on my phone (200) and switched to Bell in ten minutes. From 110/month to 60. Speed is faster too.

  • That’s $600/year in savings…YUGGGEEEE!

  • cjdmuppet

    It’ll make it really easy to justify paying outright for the X Plus next year. ?

  • So Young

    They are all the same. I was with Telus for 10 years back in february and refused to let me have the 57$/7GB at that time, switched to Rogers and Telus offered the same plan 3 days later. Bell is not better than Rogers/Telus.

  • cjdmuppet

    Oh I realize that. But dat math don’t lie and neither does Speedtest. 🙂

  • Allen L

    Ouch, Rogers did it for me, you just gotta find the right rep 😉

  • cjdmuppet

    No hardware upgrade required?

  • jay

    i called yesterday and yes 60$ 10GB plus spotify for 6 month.

  • mwatcher

    After 9 years with Fido, I just switched to Koodo and haven’t looked back.

  • Riley Freeman

    i have unlimited data on bell. I had this plan since the 3gs. But of course i dont get contract discounts and cant do the number share and i have a brand new series 3 stainless steel watch. I am very tempted to go out and get this. The one thing stopping me is im currently using about 20gb a month in data. Obviously this is because i have unlimited so i dont pay attention to my usage. i update my apps over the network as opposed to waiting for wifi. so i do get worried about potentially going over

    my unlimited plan is about 87+ tax so id be willing to stick to the same price or a little more if i could get more than 10gb out of this plan

  • bbousquet

    That’s why they better come up with something nice if they expect me to drop my 2015 BF promo plan (34$ Fido w/2 GB, unlimited Canada + international text; I have since added a 2 GB promo for 24 mo on top of it – oh and that plan had 10$/500 MB overages). I added the option pack (visual voicemail and a few goodies like cheap international calls) for 5$.

  • YakoTaco

    So happy for you. And the rest of Canada can feel like B class citizens.

  • YakoTaco

    So happy for ya all. And the rest of Canadians can feel like B class citizens.

  • jef-FRY

    I’ll etransfer ya $100 if you transfer that account to me ?

  • FragilityG4

    This plan is available on Rogers now. I just changed.

  • DyingtobeinKorea

    This is not offered in Quebec Been with Fido for almost 15 years

  • jef-FRY

    Yoooooo hit me up on the Twitter asap asap asap!!! @Jeffryyyy

  • Bob Smith

    Fido & Rogers just announced their data is permanent like Koodo’s. I have a friend who works for Rogers.

  • Riley Freeman

    save your breath my friend lol. They do not allow this plan to be transferred

  • Tony TT

    just to clarify, its only for 2 years? someone in the comment box said rogers/fido changed it…??? im currently on at 75 dollar 10gb plan. would i lose international texting?

  • Andrew

    I’m with Fido and was just about to call in and try and change my plan to this new offer, but it seems that the “Visual Voicemail” package for the iPhone is separate.
    This would add an extra $5 to the $60 plan.
    Is this correct?

  • Brandon Persaud

    for sure?



  • jef-FRY

    i messaged 15 people on facebook named Riley Freeman that lived in Toronto until i realized………………………… Riley Freeman

  • Bob Smith

    iphoneincanada just made a new post!

  • Riley Freeman

    lmao cartoon character. Its my name on twitter though. bell shut transferring of this plan years ago. cant add a line or transfer ownership. it’s either i take it out back and put it down or ride this this out

  • jef-FRY

    very disappointed, id pay a crazy amount to get that in my hands, don’t ever let it go!

  • Tim

    Virgin Mobile has 10gb in Quebec for $56 or 8gb for $49. Fido appears to have 8gb for the same amount or 6gb for $49.

  • DyingtobeinKorea

    That’s only for new customers 1 and two if they bring their own phones. I have another year with them and 8 gigs is like 87$ if you want one of their phones. It’s a catch
    Go online and take a Look

  • Riley Freeman

    yea i know. but paying 1700$ for an iphone x does hurt. i sold my iphone 7 plus for 800 but still hurts plus got the series 3 watch and cant use the network since numbershare isnt available on my plan

  • Allen L

    yessir, no hardware upgrade required, no questions asked. This was done yesterday. Rogers/Fido has since changed it to “existing and new activations” and is now PERMANENT 10gb.

  • jef-FRY

    Connived myself to stick with the 7 due to the jailbreak… Jailbreak might come for the X tho for 11.1.2 ?

    What a scam, so what’s the solution for the watch?

  • Riley Freeman

    just stick to bluetooth which was the original way of connecting

  • Harold

    Wait?? Is this for real?? Rogers is a permanent 10GB now??

  • Allen L

    Yes permanent.

  • Update: Expiry is listed as December 19 for Ontario; AB/BC lists Dec. 18 still.

  • Update folks: Rogers/Fido extends plans to Dec. 19 for existing customers:

  • Skip

    virgin was silly i tried to cancel my gfs plan and pay the penalty for it which is 225. and then re up with them and they told me i can’t. i said so your telling me because i’m canceling that plan and paying the penalty anyway i can’t re up with you at all? i said that makes no since that now your going to lose me as a customer for good. and i will go to telus with her. Then since i’m in a corporate plan with telus they said i can’t remember up with them even though i’m month to month so i said ok i will go to bell for 60 instead of you all