Fido Promo Offers $45/4GB and $50/5GB Plans If You Mention Freedom Mobile


If you’re an existing Fido customer, there are a couple promo plans being offered to customers thinking of switching to Shaw’s Freedom Mobile.

For those unaware, Freedom Mobile announced this week it will launch iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus pre-orders on Friday, November 24, available for $0 up front on a two-year contract.

2GB bonus 575x360 promo EN Final

Here’s what’s being offered to Fido customers outside of QC/SK/MB:

$45/month BYOD 

  • 2GB data + 2GB bonus (expires in 24 months)
  • Unlimited Canada-wide calling
  • Unlimited International SMS/MMS
  • Caller ID, basic voicemail
  • No Roam Like Home; no 1000 long distance minutes

$50/month BYOD 

  • 3GB data + 2GB bonus (expires in 24 months)
  • Same as above

Currently, Fido also offers a 2GB data bonus for 24 months, so it looks like this promo is being tacked onto $45 and $50 BYOD plans. Right now, new customers can get a $45/month plan with only 3GB (after a $10/month discount for only 12 months).

According to RFD, in order to get these promos, you must be an existing customer with Fido for at least the past three months. If you mention Freedom Mobile’s promo plans, you will be offered this pricing.

Let us know if you’re going to call in and if you are able to get these promo plans.


  • Shitty plans compared to the $65 for 10GB they were previously offering.

  • bbousquet

    Still on the 2015 BF promo plan + 2 GB bonus for 24 months. That’s 34$ for unlimited everything and 4 GB data (and a pulse plan). Haven’t seen anything better.

  • Aceclutch

    I got offered the $45 deal but they aren’t letting me add the 10 percent line discount or 1000 long distance minutes. Is there any way I can add one or both of them somehow

  • florin

    For me and my wife got only the 2gb more data plan on 60 loyalty plan. No matter what i told they do not offer any other discounts.

  • Alicia J McGill

    Ha! I pay $40 a month, unlimited text, calling (Canada wide) and 5 Gigs of data with Freedom…also no contracts…so yeah.

  • Stefan

    Can we get that somehow?

  • bbousquet

    If you have a time machine!

  • Aceclutch

    Also a shitty network ha!

  • Stephen Melissis

    Clearly she’s satisfied, sorry that bothers you

  • Stefan

    I better dust off that old rack

  • Aceclutch

    How does that bother me. Have you ever looked at the coverage map between freedom and Fido.

  • Trey List

    This is pretty stupid. Why would you get the promotion if you tell them about Freedom but only if you’re an existing Fido member?!? That doesn’t make any sense. It should be for someone who is currently with Freedom who should be allowed this promo to make a switch to Fido. Dumb!

  • Alicia J McGill

    Ha! Not so shitty that I’d pay $100 for basically the same thing. I live in Milton and I’ve never had a problem with service.

  • Alicia J McGill

    Have you actually tried Freedom?

  • Satisfied

    Im using freedom. 8gb paying 45 and i use my phone during summer at Parry Sound. No coverage prob

  • Paul

    Freedom is getting better, my friends have stated that they get LTE now in some areas.

  • Aceclutch

    Yes I have. It does not work indoors or at skyrrains in bc. It’s terrible, up the street you get signal down the street you don’t. Don’t be crazy and call the Freedom Network even Close to the Rogers network.

  • MontanaMac

    Well I stuck with them for 3 years with the same plan for $35/month but switched to Public mobile for 45/month. Service in Toronto is over subscribed and could not make calls without being dropped despite being 400 metres from their tower. Really went downhill this summer. LTE made no difference in reliability. The quality improvement was night and day when I moved to Public.

  • Will

    Well i didnt even know any of this was happening, i just got a text saying heres 4gb’s of free extra data, on top of what i have… even though im in a fixed plan.

    And in my opinion ive been through 5 different providers now, and so far fido has had the best customer service yet and almost flawless lte.

  • My 1/2 cents

    Ha. Being Clueless and oblivious to the obvious isn’t something to be proud of…or being in the minority.

  • My 1/2 cents

    no. they haven’t. people with this kind of mindset only react when something bad happens. And when it does, they’ll be whining and beeching until Donald Trump says something thoughtful.

  • My 1/2 cents

    so is Trump depending on who you believe.

  • My 1/2 cents

    in all fairness though, Koodo and Public Mobile aren’t good either due to Telus’ network prioritization.

  • My 1/2 cents

    And where is Public Mobile? they’re sitting very quiet these days.

    Don’t expect the $40/4GB LTE plan to ever return to PM.

  • My 1/2 cents

    how much is Freedom paying you to be their bot? FM is getting very sneaky in their tactics to get new subscribers.

  • My 1/2 cents

    I guess this is a Fido retention deal.

  • I work near Weston and Steeles and rarely got a signal. Full bars from Public. Freedom fails.

  • Al Kidd

    Tried to open an account with freedom last night. Worst system ever. I have an account for my son and wanted one for me. Don’t want to combine them for many reasons. Two stores and 35 minutes on the phone the clerk said I had to call Equifax to get my name off my account or get Jr to drive an hour from school.

  • Lillian Donaldson

    Customer retention.

  • Milad Eskandar

    I just tried this. It totally worked!! You HAVE to mention freedom mobile though and they will give you this exact competitive pricing!!!

  • Pashupati Raut

    Yeah i am in calgaru, and its hard to get the network. Dont take it. I am going to switch back

  • And shitty signal if you were to travel.

  • nice!

  • Tim

    I pay $51 after tax for unlimited text, calling (Canada wide) and 8 Gigs of data with Koodo…also no contracts…so yeah.

  • Darknut

    I pay $37/month for 4GB LTE and unlimited texting/calling on Telus’ network.

    I couldn’t stand Wind anymore, I go to Mtl and am on the road for business often, so having a phone that didn’t work unless I was in a major city sucked. I was paying $35 a month for no service unless I was home and super slow data. Much happier now.