Rogers Says 55,000 Streamed Hockey with NHL GameCentre Live On Opening Day


Last night was the start of the NHL season and also marked the debut of Rogers coverage, plus GameCentre Live, which the company says had 55,000 people stream games from the service “still in beta mode”, according to CEO Guy Laurence.

Stats revealed today show 75% watched games online via GameCentre at home (Apple TV anyone?), while 25% streamed on mobiles and tablets using the NHL iOS app, with fans on average streaming 51 minutes of play, while over 80,000 minutes of on-demand video and replays were used via MyReplay.

Laurence said “there are some gremlins to sort out but we got some great feedback from the fans. At one stage there were more people watching the game on mobiles in Toronto than all of the USA. Our 700 spectrum was put to good use managing a heavy traffic load in the cities of Toronto and Calgary where the action was happening.”

Did you watch any games using GameCentre Live last night?



  • CMfly

    Can’t believe people are watching on their phones! I hope they realize that the free preview does not include the data to stream the games!

  • Tobi

    A friend had said that he watched the whole game on stream, which used 1.56gb of his data on his iPhone 5S.

  • Crazy!

  • Corey Beazer

    Was watching the game on my iPhone while driving back from the Hip concert, worked perfectly….. Also it should be said, “Don’t drive and watch hockey”

  • xxxJDxxx

    I watched on my apple TV and noticed the Vancouver Calgary game wasnt blacked out in BC. Was it just me? Or have blackout restrictions changed?

  • FragilityG4

    55,000 doesn’t seem like a lot …

  • bspence88

    Since Rogers owns all the rights this year, no blackout restrictions

  • DVD_Guy

    Hi all, two questions for those that have signed up for the free promo from Rogers …

    (1) Are they negative billing (i.e. if I don’t cancel by Dec. 31st., I will automatically be billed for Jan. 1 until the end of the playoffs)?

    (2) Is there a limit to the number of devices using GameCentre consecutively?

  • Tim M

    I have streamed quite a few games on my Xbox One, though not with Rogers. I went the VPN route and paid $75 USD for the season and have UnoTelly to bypass the geo-blocks.

  • Michael Burke

    Still can’t logon to Apple TV. Worked perfectly last year under the NHL. This year, I bought the $179 preseason offer and still can’t logon. I can on my laptop but doesn’t buy me anything. Apple TV says Rogers but the ID not found message just mentions NHL. Looking to get my money back. Fail in my book!