Rogers, Fido iPhone 6s Launch Page Confirms Wi-Fi Calling [u]


Update: Rogers iPhone 6s contract pricing revealed.

Like with any iPhone launch, Canadian carriers debut their boilerplate landing pages detailing and comparing Apple’s latest smartphone models. TELUS and Bell had theirs up yesterday, and now Rogers and Fido have now followed suit (expect MTS and SaskTel’s shortly).

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Screenshot 2015 09 10 10 18 14

While two-year contract pricing has yet to be revealed (it’ll probably be announced ahead of the pre-order), the Rogers and Fido iPhone comparison page (and Bell’s too) lists Wi-Fi calling as a feature under Cellular and Wireless.

Although this appears to be a standard detail from Apple, Wi-Fi calling is only available through select carriers. An internal Rogers memo detailed last month reportedly said Wi-Fi calling will be supported for iPhone users with iOS 9 (despite noting last year they would support it in iOS 8).

Wi-Fi calling allows users to make cellular voice calls without a carrier signal while connected to Wi-Fi, which can be handy for those living in areas with poor coverage (like nuclear bunkers, Faraday cages, etc).

Note Wi-Fi calling is not listed for the iPhone 5s on Rogers and Bell’s pages, but Apple’s own iPhone comparison page does note the device is supported.

Screenshot 2015 09 10 10 17 42

iPhone 6s preorders kick off this Saturday—expect contract pricing to be revealed Friday and be slightly more expensive compared to last year due to our lower Loonie. As for Wi-Fi calling on the iPhone, we’ll just have to wait and see if our carriers will support the feature or not.

Update: It’s official, Rogers will support Wi-Fi calling, as noted on their Why Rogers page (thanks Nick), which states “Now with Wi-Fi Calling, Rogers customers on an eligible monthly plan can call and text in even more places with a compatible iPhone.” The fine print says an iPhone 5c or newer purchased in North America will support the feature, on a postpaid plan.

rogers wifi calling
Update 2: Rogers just sent the following statement via email announcing Wi-Fi calling support for iPhones:

Rogers network has taken another step in improving customers’ experience by enabling Wi-Fi calling.

Whether you’re in your basement or on the top floor of a condo, Rogers & Fido customers with a compatible device will be able to call and text in more places over any Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi Calling is another way to ensure in-building coverage is readily available and people can stay connected no matter where their day takes them. This is in addition to the continued deployment of our 700-megahertz spectrum on the Rogers LTE network across the country, also further closing coverage gaps.

With Wi-Fi Calling, we essentially grew our network to offer coverage where wireless networks cannot reach and where coverage was not available before (ie: deep in buildings, underground garages, etc). As compatible devices launch, our network is enabled and ready to support them. And, as the way people use their devices evolves, we will keep investing in network technology that makes a real difference for our customers’ experience.


  • Gotta read the fine print:

    “LTE Advanced, LTE and Wi-Fi calling are available in select markets and through select carriers.”

    So still no guarantee. However, during a chat session a coy support agent quoted a recent directive from management (dated August 20th 2015) that said that while some people had started getting training on WifiCalling, support agents were not to comment on features that had yet been announced officially.

    So my hopes are still up as cellular reception at my place is horrendous.

  • FragilityG4

    Here it is on the Rogers site:

  • Crosseyedmofo

    looking for that on the full site, where is it?

  • Rob Raymond

    “On an eligible monthly plan”, which translates to me losing out on my 6gig grandfathered plan. 🙁

  • FragilityG4

    Go to the iPhone 6s info section and hit the tab that says “why Rogers” and scroll down a bit

  • Link added to article in update.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    thanks bud

  • Crosseyedmofo

    thanks man

  • hub2

    Or it might be available as separate “extra” like Visual Voice Mail.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Yeah that’s BS as I have a similar if not identical plan to you 6gig + 1gig as an “extra” for not breaking my contract when I had the chance. I pay $84.00/month I pay a premium compared to others so it should be offered to grandfathered plans as well. If they tell me it’s more than I’ll bide my time & hopefully when Wind can get their LTE up & running Fido can f**k off.

  • FragilityG4

    No problem

  • Tim M

    I’m sure a tweak to enable wifi calling will be released when an iOS9 jailbreak is available

  • MrXax

    Are you sure? I’m not giving up my 6GB either. Who knew that 5 years later, a 6GB data plan would still be coveted? Ridiculous.

  • Update: Added official Wi-Fi calling announcement from Rogers.

  • yamdigger

    I have an even rarer UNLIMITED data plan. No throttling either. And I only pay $15 for it too. I’m soooo not giving that up for wifi calling.

  • OracleGuy

    Does anybody know difinitively if the iPhone 5 will support Wi-Fi calling?

  • Crosseyedmofo

    any word on when?

  • OracleGuy

    Hopefully when iOS 9 is released, next week.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    id agree

  • Apple’s support document does not list iPhone 5 as supporting Wi-Fi calling.

  • Probably in time for iPhone 6s. Will find out the date.

  • mike

    Don’t look now, but Rogers just released their contract pricing for the 6s and 6s plus.

    It does not look pretty..

    iPhone 6s:

    16GB : $398

    64GB :$528

    128GB :$658

  • Steve

    Why hasn’t the price drop to the iPhone 6 been reflected? Are they not going to pass that on?

  • karinatwork

    Ok, wait a second… are we certain that the old 6 gig plans are excluded? It’s the only reason I’m still with Rogers in the first place…

  • Rob Raymond

    As far as we (I) know, nothing is confirmed yet. However, it wouldn’t make sense for them to include the verbiage if it wasn’t excluded.

  • karinatwork

    Now I’m also reading (online) that Wifi calls will count against plan minutes. How is that going to work? I guess I’ll stick with my Hangouts dialer…