Rogers iPhone X Pre-Orders Now Available [u]


iPhone X pre-orders kicked off fast and furious from Apple, but as for our wireless carriers, it was yet another rocky start for some.

Correction: the Rogers website last night and maintenance mode was not related to iPhone X pre-orders, explained the company in an email. iPhone X pre-orders launched this morning at 4AM PT/7AM ET as scheduled. We’ve updated our story with the correction.  

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Prices start at $599 for a 64GB iPhone X on contract, with a minimum $95 per month plan.

We will update this post once the Rogers website goes back online and iPhone X pre-orders begin.

Let us know in the comments if you’re able to pre-order an iPhone X with Rogers. Oh, looking for iPhone X on Fido? That’s not happening.


  • Benoît Proulx

    Was able to Reserve and pickup the 256gb silver this morning around 6:25 am. 119th on the list.

  • slicecom

    I wonder what the number means? It says I’m 20th in line, and I ordered the same model around 6:45. Is it the number in line per store?

  • Benoît Proulx

    I’ve read somewhere that it was Canada-wide… A friend of mine preordered his and changed his store selection for pickup after confirming and kept the same number (199)

  • slicecom

    Weird, I wonder why I would have a lower “position” number if I ordered after you?

  • I did a device upgrade and just got an email saying:

    “We’ve received your order to upgrade your device.

    Your new device : iPhone X 256GB Silver
    Your plan : ShareEvrythng+ 10GB-Prem Tab

    Thank you for choosing Rogers!”

    No mention of a number. Is that just for pickup? I got direct to home delivery.

  • Liam

    Are you both in the same time zone?

  • slicecom

    I’m in EST. Apparently Rogers reservations started at 5:30am EST

  • mapperD

    I am in Calgary and got online at 05:00am. I got the e-mail that I reserved one but I can’t see my ‘position’. Where do we find that in our account??

  • Liam

    Click the link at the very bottom of the email where it says Visit the Site HERE. It will show you your position after you sign in.

  • mapperD

    Thanks for the reply Liam! I didn’t receive a link in my e-mail. I have upgraded in the same way before and always received a link. I suppose they will update my position in the ‘queue’ when the website isn’t so busy.

  • IAmTaka

    Rogers website is a god damn joke. The way to preorder it was so confusing. Anyway, number 108!

  • Tyler

    Agreed! It’s not just today though. Their whole website and app are truly awful – considering what a massive company they are. I’ve been with Rogers for 12 years. I’ll be switching to Telus next Sept when my contact is up.

  • IAmTaka

    So Rogers website even at launch says “2 weeks”, is that just a blanket statement? I’m number 108 for Canada-wide for my model. It would be assumed I’d get it launch day right?

  • Mark Fehler

    i got number 5 at 5:45am

  • David Monkman

    I was #2 for the iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black last year, I had to wait 3 weeks after launch to get my phone.

  • Jay

    Ordered at 6:31am EST, Number 220. Logged in to confirm, and now i’m 214! 🙂

  • nasa25

    yeah only reservations for in store pickup get a number. Home delivery orders get no status updates whatsoever. Next status update you’ll get is when the device ships out

  • nasa25

    The number is CANADA WIDE for that specific colour and storage combo (i.e. there are 4 different queues for the X). Also the Jet Black debacle from last year was because rogers didn’t have any, at all. I highly doubt we will see that with any of the X colour and storage options this year

  • Michael A. Baylis

    I was ready at 1:01 and tried for almost 3 hours on the broken bs site. Gave up and fell asleep, woke up an hour after the email came through and got 1087. What do you think my chances/wait will be?

  • Chris Goudreau


  • thanks…that’s what I thought. 😀

  • Ace

    Can anyone confirm that all iphone X units activated through carriers are now unlocked due to the new policy? Don’t remember when its supposed to kick in.

  • Ozzy Stone

    The jet black shipped a few weeks after the other models

  • Bobby

    4:54 AM position 46 iPhone X 256GB Grey

  • Benoît Proulx

    I hope you do as I am #116 for my model ?

  • Sam

    I reserved mine last Friday (Oct 27) and my position was 125. I don’t understand some people who ordered it well before me got the position number around 300.

  • Sam

    Anyone’s status changed? Mine stay OPEN at position 101. I’m just wondering will I be getting it on the launch date?

  • branislavam2001

    Has anyone got theirs yet? And if yes, what number were you and which city you live in?
    Just very curious about when ours will come. we are number 478