Rogers Launches LTE Roaming Agreement with AT&T in the USA


Rogers has announced a new LTE roaming agreement, this time in the USA with partner AT&T. According to the email we received:

Today, we’re excited to be the first Canadian carrier to offer LTE roaming for customers travelling in the U.S.

Customers will be able to roam on the AT&T LTE network, allowing them to enjoy the same blazing fast speeds they’re used to at home on the Rogers network, and take advantage of our worry-free $7.99 per day U.S. roaming internet rate.

This rate includes free data usage notifications when texting “usage” to 3330 while roaming in the U.S. and alerts when they reach 50 per cent, 80 per cent and 100 per cent of their data pass.

The US is in addition to existing LTE roaming agreements in Switzerland, Hong Kong and South Korea.

Interestingly enough, 20 hours ago reader Steve let us know LTE had suddenly turned while he was roaming on Rogers in the USA in Greensboro, North Carolina and also at Dulles Airport in Washington–so indeed everything works as advertised:

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Rogers customers can roam in the USA for $7.99 per day, which provides 50MB of data. Alternatively, those with unlocked iPhones can also use other more competitive US roaming solutions such as Vancouver-based Roam Mobility.


  • Steve

    T-Mobile offers a $3 a day pay as you go with unlimited US calling and texting and unlimited data, first 200MB is at 4G speeds and then it drops to 2G speeds. Since I can use Facetime and iMessage to communicate with people here in Canada this works very well for me.

  • Olley

    How about fuck you Rogers

  • Jesse

    Plus it’s LTE as well!

  • BrettThePark

    As a side note, never trust rogers text messaging for data usage. It is often 2 or 3 days behind so if they tell you your at 100%, it means you likely owe them a ton of money as your hit your limit days ago.

  • Chrome262

    just got a roam card, its set to turn on when I am down there end of october, will let you know how it works in the baltimore dc area

  • floydstyle

    lol 8$ per day

  • crosseyed_mofo

    better, but not good enough

  • FragilityG4

    Even their App My Account is four hours behind … So much technology but they can’t give real time usage … On purpose of course.

  • hayman

    i noiticed that on idownloadblog at&t just open nine new cities that have LTE one of them being Bellingham Washington. The timing of this news and that seems like they were planned together.

  • Andre J Courchesne

    Here is what I found works best for us. We take a month long vacation in the US every year so we bought a Broadbandtogo device from Virgin Mobile.It’s called Overdrive Pro. We load it up with a 55 dollar phone card. That gives us 5 GB data for one month and you can connect up to 5 devices. It’s even portable as we were walking New York streets and I was using my iPhone continuously. The device is a one time purchase of 120 dollars at Bestbuy or others and you can pick up cards at any walmart, target, ect…. Works great for us and we have iMac, Macbook, two iPhones. Rogers is out of touch with reality if they think 50 mb of data is adequate. After talking to a Rogers rep he even told me I would be better off unlocking my phone. Of course that’s an extra 50 bucks. We have been doing this for 2 years now and it works great.

  • Rogers

    How about you whip it out?

  • sean

    Irrelevant!! Text message for Data Usage is only Domestic. Not when you’re roaming.

  • MapleStory

    I found it funny when people comparing local carriers and outside carriers. Where’s the common sense?

    If T-Mobile users come to Canada and use their roaming packages, how much do you think they cost?

    When I was traveling to Asia for business, I always bought the local pay as you go sim card. I did keep my Canada phone turn on just in case someone was looking for me.

    People do the same thing when they come to Canada. They buy Rogers, Telus, or whatever carrier that sell pay as you go sim card.

  • Normyd

    50MB on LTE. Take you all of less than a minute to blow through 8 bucks

  • Normyd

    Question. Is it 200 mb evryday or the month. I use the $2 a day. And edge is anoyingly slow. I have no idea how people with the original iphones did anything.

  • mckelvies

    The T-Mobile package is excellent but their coverage area for LTE is limited to metropolitan areas.

  • mckelvies

    The T-Mobile package is excellent but their coverage area for LTE is limited to metropolitan areas.

  • mckelvies

    200mb is every day. I almost never have to step down to Edge.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    yeah but have you seen out pre paid data plans?

  • Just Me

    wasn’t the cost $5.99 previously? now it’s $7.99?

  • Just Me

    don’t forget to add the cost of your SIM. I chew up 200 MB easily. A few times looking at Google maps traffic, Waze, Inrix, Beat the Traffic. And that’s not even considering my email or VOIP.

  • Just Me

    I don’t even bother with edge. I think those people who can put up with it (2G) must be on antidepressants where they’re spaced out or something and have no concept of time. lol

  • Just Me

    $175 (120+55) buys a lot of airtime 😉

  • Just Me

    and what about their voice mail? how many times does your VM notification come late?