Rogers One Number iPhone App Released: Free Long Distance Calls


Rogers has released the Rogers One Number Smart Phone iPhone app, which quietly hit the App Store back in mid-October. It allows existing Rogers customers who use One Number to make free long distance calls, texts and video chats from their iPhone using their existing Rogers number over data/Wi-Fi.

With the Rogers One Number app for your iPhone, you can talk, text and video chat with family and friends using your existing Rogers wireless number. Call or text any Canadian number for free and save your wireless minutes. Use on Rogers mobile network or stay connected on WiFi. Setup Call Forward and other calling rules using this app. Call contacts from your mobile address book and sync your mobile contacts to Rogers One Number.

Rogers one number iphone Rogers one number

We previously covered the beta of Rogers One Number back in December of 2011, which was officially announced in February of 2012.

The service originally was setup to make and receive free calls from a computer, but now you can do so from your iPhone, which will come in handy when you’re traveling. Also, if your Rogers network coverage is poor in your local area, One Number users will be able to receive calls over Wi-Fi so you won’t miss calls.

The Rogers One Number iOS app so far has 15 reviews in the App Store, with an average rating of 5 stars.

Canadians have many free calling options from their iPhone. Recently, the Google Hangouts iOS app was updated to allow for free calls to Canada and the USA.

Click here to download the Rogers One Number iPhone app—it’s free. Let us know what you think of the Rogers One Number iOS app.

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  • chris

    does caller ID shows my real number if I call someone?

  • Yes

  • chris

    awesome , is pretty much free calls anywhere , i can downgrade my plan and use this app.

  • meowbark

    would be great if fido got it too. fido has horrible coverage where i live.

  • mackman6151

    its only free calls within canada….

  • Patrick

    I think it includes free calls *to* Canada… regardless of your current location. Of course, you have to find a network somewhere (hotel / cafe WiFi, foreign PayGo SIM, …)

  • AJ

    I been having issues with this. I downloaded the app and then its giving me registration issues. Anyway I contacted Rogers live chat support and the guy told me that the only purpose of the app is to be able to sync your contacts from your smartphone to your pc. He said you cannot make calls using your wifi or data on your phone you have to do it from your PC or tablet. I’m pretty sure he is wrong and doesn’t know what he is talking about. Has anyone been able to make calls from their smartphone using this app?

  • Martin

    That Rogers CSR guy was definitely confused and probably didn’t know about the new app. It seems like he thought you were talking about the “Rogers One Number Contacts” app which came out in January 2012, which only lets you sync your contacts with your computer or iPad.

    The new app will definitely let you make calls, although I haven’t had the chance to test it yet.

  • Neil Nimkar

    Solves my problem with frequent international trips and using local sims where ever I go. Don’t have to wait to get home to receive and respond to texts.

  • Roland


  • Rich

    Rogers customer service doesn’t seem to know much about it. I loaded the app on my iPhone hoping I could use my Wifi and internet at home to make free long distance calls (as suggested above). But I kept seeing conflicting information on Rogers web pages so I called and they stated that I would be charged airtime minutes and long distance if I called from my iPhone. I was unconvinced because she had to ask several colleagues. So I turned off the cell connection on my phone and tried. And voila: I was able to make a long-distance call, so it had to be over the wifi and internet. Sweet.

  • Sand Wongsta

    i have very poor reception at home…if someone calls me will rogers one ring instead of reg cell phone? i know about using app to call out but incoming is more important?
    i cant get calls at home or can but sometimes the person doesnt hear me… anyone have an answer?
    also the ring my other number feuture?
    says it can ring another number at the same time…up to 5 numbers?…
    can i answer the call on my home phone if i set it to ring there? or just a notifier?

  • GB

    Apple refuses to service iPhone sold by Rogers

  • dj

    as always, you’re way behind in evolution, try better next time