Rogers, Fido Promo: $60 Canada-Wide Calling Plan with 10GB Data in AB, BC, ON [u]


Update Dec. 18: Rogers and Fido have extended this offer for existing customers to December 19th.

Rogers and Fido have launched a new “exclusive” offer for customers in Alberta, BC and Ontario, offering a $60 plan with 10GB of data. Here’s what’s included:

  • No-term (BYOD), non-share plan
  • 5GB data + 5GB data bonus (bonus data expires after 24 months
  • Unlimited Canada-wide calling
  • Unlimited messaging
  • Roam Like Home
  • Caller ID, Name Display, Enhanced Voicemail
  • $25/line connection fee

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According to Rogers, the promo expires on December 19, 2017 and is only available in Alberta, BC and Ontario. The fine print says “standalone price plan changes (without activation or hardware upgrade) not eligible. Available to new customers who activate a non-share line on an eligible plan.”

Shaw’s Freedom Mobile offers a $60 plan with 10GB data, similar to what is being offered here, but it includes unlimited talk to the USA. Clearly, Freedom’s LTE plans are putting some pressure on Rogers to respond in Alberta and BC. $60 for 10GB of LTE data on the Rogers and Fido network is considered a good plan.

Unfortunately, these plans aren’t showing as available in Ontario…

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this promo!

Update: looks like Fido is now offering this plan in Ontario to match Koodo and Virgin.

Update Dec. 16: now available in Ontario and data is permanent.

Update: You can now change to the $60/10GB plan via your online account at or

Thanks Kyle!


  • cayaguy

    Does it include international text ?

  • Andy

    5gb after 2 years is a no deal.

  • After 2 years, just find another deal from another provider…the savings over 24 months should offset any short term issues while you’re looking for a new deal

  • I believe yes, but of course double check yourself

  • cayaguy

    This reply was completely useless

  • Shameer Mulji

    About time BC customers got a decent deal. I’m gonna jump on this. 10GB per month, why not.

  • jay

    i have 6GB fido plan and no signal at work….

  • Jesse

    Couldn’t agree more. Also a lot can change in 2 years! Especially with Shaw stirring things up. Which is probably why Rogers is offering a plan like this to begin with.

  • Have a great day

  • ouch

  • warpdrive


  • Riddlemethis

    It’s not that simple. In 24 months there might not be any good promos at the time especially with a huge exodus with plans expiring and net neutrality gone in the USA.

    Besides, even hardcore data users will find 10 gigabytes overkill. They need to give us 40 or $50 plans with 6 GB LTE instead.

  • Riddlemethis

    Things are going to get worse not better. Make no mistake. The carriers are banking on those with your mindset and the ill-informed.

  • Gagan

    I would not trust any Fido BYOD plan. I signed up for the promo when they were offering 4GB for $40 last year, and they started charging me (and every other customer on that plan) $5 more a few months later. At first I thought it was a billing error, because I know phone companies are not aloud to change any plan without notifying their customers. When I called fido they stated “well, since the sign up offer was BYOD, we can change our terms anytime we want.” Horrible service, I would be very cautious before signing up for any BYOD plan this company offers! A few months later they might start charging you $5-10 more!

  • My 1/2 cents

    Rogers is finally offering something “semi-decent” for BC residents. While I reach close to 85% of my 6 GB with my $50 out province Koodo plan, 10 GB is too much that will never be used and paying $10 more a month is unnecessary. The only people that might jump on this plan are those who are already paying $60 or more a month for their existing plan.

  • Smooth75

    Bro you are so woke.

  • Smooth75

    Bro you are so woke.

  • karinatwork

    Wow… I’m impressed, Robbers. Finally something decent on the table. Not bad, not bad. Still, I’m liking the plan I’m in right now, and no contract, so I’m fine for now. Shaw Freedom is no option for me out in the boonies, where there is no covfefe.

  • karinatwork

    Wow… I’m impressed, Robbers. Finally something decent on the table. Not bad, not bad. Still, I’m liking the plan I’m in right now, and no contract, so I’m fine for now. Shaw Freedom is no option for me out in the boonies, where there is no covfefe.

  • SOB

    My deal with Freedom Mobile is still better. Plus I don’t have to move AB or BC.

  • El Cockblock

    I’ve been clinging to my grandfathered 6GB plan with Rogers for ages. I would let go and get the 10GB in a heartbeat if they offered this in ON.

  • BeaveVillage

    Been with Rogers for nearly 8 years. Have no plans to switch. Yet…

  • HC

    no, only within canada

  • henndrix1

    No USA calling is a no deal breaker

  • Biggy604

    Meh, I’ll stick to paying $30 more (with taxes included already) for my 10GB plan, unless Fido gives me a better loyalty plan for the same price. But I doubt it lol

  • My 1/2 cents

    Looks like Bell has this plan and it’s a full 10 GB plan not 5+5. Bell is likely to keep the plan grandfathered over Rogers/Fido too. Rumor has it that Telus/Koodo will offer it as well.

  • My 1/2 cents

    And your coverage is significantly less…you just haven’t been affected, yet.

  • SOB

    Hasn’t been an issue for me yet. Freedom Mobile coverage is not bad and is getting better. If I went out to the boonies then that might be a different story.

  • Adam Michaels

    Look into Koodo quebec plan 49 bucks for 6gb and unlimited, just have to do a few steps to get a quebec number then port back to ontario.

  • Gagan Bajwa

    Fido has made the promo available to ontario

  • Ray

    Hey I just want to let you guys know I called into Fido they said their releasing the identical plan to Ontario residents I got rentention to give me a call back tomorrow to offer it hope this helps

  • Apv

    Been with Rogers for 9 years on corporate 350 plans with the 6GB / $30. Never seen a plan to make me switch. Saw the bell plan and called Rogers from the bell store. Said “all you have to do is match the plan WITH 10GB after the 2 years. And I walk out of here and keep paying you” they wouldn’t do it so switched to bell.

  • Kyle Wilson

    In case this helps anyone; I was already customer with Rogers month to month. Called in to ask for upgrad and they said it’s only for new activations. The girl was really good about it and got exception from “management” (also know as the double gulp slurpee beside her keyboard when she puts me on hold for 3 minutes). I’ve only been with them for 2 months so no loyalty pitch on this one.

  • Alexandra Krieger

    Thank you @iphoneincanada:disqus – I had no idea that this plan was out until I saw it on your site today. Thanks to you my Rogers plan is switched over to this now 🙂

  • You’re welcome!

  • NOHoldsBar

    Rogers and Fido are being stubborn. Everyone else has 10 GB not 5+5 and no expiry date.

    I suggest people reconsider and try Bell. There’s no SIM card or activation fee. Ditch those greedy Robbers.

  • NOHoldsBar

    I got rid of that plan and got the $60/10 GB. I felt so restricted because I couldn’t call Koodo support because the plan is deemed “illegal” if you’re outside Quebec. Besides, per GB this 10 GB deal is the best.

  • My 1/2 cents

    I signed up with Bell today too…I feel bad paying $10 more a month for data that I will likely never use, but I’ll certainly try.

    If nothing else, I suppose I can sell this plan if something better comes along.

  • How did you get it?? Will they just change my plan if I call??



  • Alexandra Krieger

    My contract has expired a year ago, so I was on a pay as you go plan and I just called them and asked if I could switch to that plan. They put me through to client relations (retentions) and they switched my plan right away 🙂

  • ADealIsADeal

    Bell is offering 10gb no expiration after 2 years and you can cancel anytime what are you complaining about?

  • Elias Hallett

    Called my provider Telus retention on Saturday.
    Got 150 credit towards any new phone. Canada wide everything and 10 expiration…for 85 a month. This isn’t bring your own device. New device new plan.

  • Sara?

    Anyone get this deal as a predicting contract customer with Fido?

  • BTW–the Rogers and Fido websites now let customers change to this plan themselves, so try that instead of waiting on the phone or going to a store

  • berrydriven

    Apparently the wait at my local Rogers Plus store was 3+ hours and it took me 20 minutes of calling Rogers to even get a line to open.. but after being on hold for about 20 min I got on the plan. Dont bother asking for Relations/Retention.. all I did was say “Hi I am calling to get switched over to that plan everyone wants” and in 5 minutes it was done. Very happy

  • Update peeps: Rogers/Fido extends plans to Dec. 19 for existing customers:

  • Fran MW

    Can I get in on this deal?