Rogers Updates Government Regulatory Government Fee (GRRF) On Price Plans


In late 2009, the Canadian wireless carriers started eliminating their system access and 911 fees. The system access and 911 fees typically cost from $6.95 – $8.95 and $0.50 – $1.00 depending on carrier and province.

When the Canadian carriers finally eliminated the system access fees, most increased all of their price plans by $5.00/month. This was a fair tradeoff since a minimum of $7.45 in fees were reduced, giving users a net overall plan savings of $2.45.

However, Rogers took it one step further by introducing a GRRF (Government Regulatory Recovery Fee) on top of the $5.00 monthly increase. Also note worthy is that this fee has nothing to do with the Canadian Government, despite its name.

In the end, with the GRRF and $5.00 monthly fee increase, plans ended up being about $0.13 more expensive (higher in some provinces) with Rogers.

At that time, in late 2009, the GRRF for voice or voice and data plans was as follows:

  • $2.58/month: AB, BC, MB, ON, QC
  • $3.11/month: NB
  • $3.46/month: NF/L
  • $3.01/month: NS
  • $3.08/month: PEI
  • $2.96/month: SK

About a year later, showing just how useless this fee is, Rogers saw fit to decrease (or increase in some cases) the fee to the following:

  • $2.43/month: AB, BC, MB, ON  Decrease
  • $2.43/month: NWT, YT, NUN – Increase (never had GRRF before)
  • $2.96/month: NB – Decrease
  • $3.45/month: NF/L – Decrease
  • $2.86/month: NS – Decrease
  • $2.93/month: PEI – Decrease
  • $2.83/month: QC – Increase
  • $3.05/month: SK – Increase

Effective May 3 2011, Rogers has again reduced (or increased in some cases), but not eliminated, the GRRF:

  • $2.35/month: AB, BC, MB, ON – Decrease
  • $2.35/month: NWT, YT, NUN – Decrease
  • $2.88/month: NB  Decrease
  • $3.35/month: NF/L  Decrease
  • $2.78/month: NS  Decrease
  • $2.85/month: PEI  Decrease
  • $2.75/month: QC  Decrease, but higher than it was in 2009. So actually an increase.
  • $2.97/month: SK  Decrease, but higher than it was in 2009. So actually an increase.



  • Anonymous

    Should reduce it all together but hey it’s robbers. This fee is bullshit but it’s still out there.

  • Drocass

    Woohoo! No more scrimping together change for that 25cent gumball anymore! Lol 😛

  • Ex

    hahaha, awesome.

  • Eason_1108

    well….better than nothing

  • Soccergirl662

    So it’ll take them 30 years to eliminate it at the rate their going…great

  • George

    Mobile oligopoly/cartel will keep ripping us off forever, unless Canadian market gets finally opened to foreign companies, so that real competition can finally begin.

  • Anonymous

    Well with 9 million customers at $3 a month for 12 months thats a paltry $324,000,000 a year in extra raping charges so some big cash to give up. Can’t believe they are reducing the price at all. You can be sure a price increase somewhere else is coming!!!

  • Sparky

    I’m still paying the system access fee because my plan is from 2007. So there’s some extra change for them too.

  • Anonymous

    Well at least QC is being screwed more than BC….that’s a plus!

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  • Grandy

    It’s a cash grab. Rip-off. Almost Theft. In reality, it’s the cost of doing business. No difference than if McDonald’s charged a fee for “Washroom cleaning supplies”, or a taxi company charging an additional fee for “tire replacement”. It’s so they can advertise a price less than they actually charge — again, almost illegal (should be illegal!)

  • Mdjgcl

    Just another cash grab by a Cdn cell company. We get ripped off in Canada in comparison with UK and others. Time to deregulate and open things up if we want lower prices. £10/month in uk for pay as you go with 300 texts and 500 MB data. Come on Canada, we deserve better!

  • another reason to get a fido

  • Oshawapilot

    GRRF = Greedy Rogers Ripoff Fee

  • Fastsong

    their all scumbags

  • Slkghs

    Umm, it does have to do with the government. Rogers has a class action lawsuit against them regarding the system access fee – the GGRF provides Rogers with financial relief to battle the class action lawsuit – the more drawn out it is, the more Rogers finances its position in the courts.

  • This is an interesting response. Why should WE pay for THEIR lawsuit?

  • Urir10

    so they have eliminated the SAF?! , i spoke to them(Rogers) a month ago or so about cancelling and they gave me a “deal” where they deduct the SAF, so its not really a deal if they dont charge it to others. WTF rogers?!

  • Anonymous

    And just like everything else, we will quietly pay for all this. Inflation rate is increasing in canada but salries are not… Cost of milk cost here 5:50-7.00 4L, where as in US they pay 2:50 – 3:50 1G. (some as low as 2 for premium brands). Regardless for stronger Canadian dollar, which serve no good to the end user Canadian, these companies will continue to raise the cost of their products and services, because they can and we will simply pay for their asking amount…And ppl say buy canadian FUCK THAT!!!

  • camshy

    Here’s an idea…BOYCOTT ROGERS.

    It really is that simple.

  • Anonymous

    Rogers pisses me off. When the iPhone 4 came out I combined my 2 phones to a family plan. I have a phone in pei and a phone in Ontario. The Ontario phone always had the fee but my pei one didn’t. Last bill I get just over 7 extra dollars on my bill for a pei fee for that month and the one before. And do you know what the piss off is? My dad has 3 iPhones. 2 in pei and one in Ontario and he only has to pay the Ontario fee. The other 2 don’t have one

  • X0xlilkrissyx0x

     Yes it is a deal. You are on the older plans that Rogers used to offer. As they said in the article, they took all the old plans and upped them $5.00 to pay for the system access fee. So it was the same thing in the end. If they are creditting you the SAF then you are that saving $5.00. 

  • Rogers owns Fido. It goes to the same wallet anyways..