How to File a CCTS Complaint Over Public Mobile’s $40/4GB Price Increase [u]


Update: Public Mobile has reversed their decision–read their full statement here.

Yesterday, Telus-owned Public Mobile notified customers in waves via text message their coveted $120/12GB plan over 90 days (or $40/4GB) was increasing in price by 25% to $150.

The drastic price increase didn’t sit well with customers, as Public Mobile’s own forums had stated the price would not increase for customers, as long as they remained active customers.

The company also offered customers the option to switch to Koodo on a $40/4GB plan with Canada-wide calling and a $100 bill credit. But many customers have noted the timing of the price increase comes as customers just only recently paid their $120 for 90 days and the bill credit won’t make up for lost money and credits if they decide to switch.

When we published the story about the price increase, the Public Mobile Community forum thread on the price increase was at 32 pages long, and since then has ballooned to 87 pages. Numerous customers are angry about the increase and have since encouraged each other to file a complaint with the Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services (CCTS).

Here’s how to file a complaint with the CCTS, which numerous Public Mobile customers are doing, along with many others on RedFlagDeals and more.

The first step is to visit this CCTS complaint form, fill in your name, then follow the instructions below posted by a RFD user:

1. Select Contract
2. Select Wireless
3. When did you become aware? Feburary 15, 2018
4. Select Public Mobile
5. Select Personal
6. (updated Feb. 20) [Contact Public Mobile about your complaint FIRST, by going through their Community Forums]. Then answer: YES that you have tried to resolve this with the company. If you don’t contact Public Mobile first, your complaint to the CCTS will be rejected, as Public Mobile first needs to be given a chance to fix your problem.
7. Answer: NO that there are no other organizations which have the authority to compensate a customer for losses currently helping you to resolve this complaint.
8. You can answer with the following or change it as follows:

Please provide the details of your complaint. Please ensure that you describe, in as much detail as possible, the steps you took to resolve the issue with your service provider and your service provider’s response. *

My plan provided me with 12gb of data for for $120/every 3 months. They are increasing my bill to $150/3 months starting March 20th. This is inconsistent and not what was promised when the advertisement indicated the following “If you have signed up for the promotional plan, you will be able to keep it after the promo period, as long as you are an active customer. This means that, as long as you are an active customer on this plan, your plan price will remain at $120, even after your initial 90 days. No surprises”.

Link to website to this quote:

What do you consider to be a reasonable resolution to your dispute? *

To allow me to keep my plan as I have fulfilled my side of the contract to continue to be an active customer at $120/3 months for the same service I was guaranteed without having to switch to another carrier.

7. Enter your personal info
8. Attach a photo of the public mobile post screenshot if you want.

…and that’s pretty much it. Based on what we’re reading online, CCTS complaints against Public Mobile probably have surged due to this price increase.

According to Public Mobile on Twitter and what they are telling customers, it appears their Service Terms override what was posted in their Community Forums, which originally stated “no surprises” when it came to a price increase:

We’ve reached out to Telus for clarification and will update when we hear back from them.

According to the CCTS on Twitter, they’re telling wireless users “We need more info to decide if a service provider didn’t deliver on their promise to a customer. Each complaint is unique, we need to see for example their Terms of service, contract details, etc. The best approach is to file a complaint for us to look into the issue properly.”

What are you going to do? Stick with Public Mobile, jump on their Koodo offer, or wait for a better deal to pop up?

Update Feb. 20: This article has been updated to reflect how users should follow the instructions of the CCTS complaint form, and not blindly click ‘yes’, when asked if they had already contacted their carrier about their complaint.


  • iverge

    I filed my complaint yesterday. Hope others follow suit.

  • Got Game? Get Game! ???

    Everyone should take a break from paying for cellular for 6 months and see how the industry shakes up. Or this crap will just keep happening. There is power in numbers and only when the weak break ranks do consumers loose. I am talking to you anti-what-ever-I-suggest Trolls.

    At least Freedom Mobile might be viable option when considering their steep phone discounts and huge data buckets. I am sure someone will have something negative to say about that option, am I right?

  • FragilityG4

    Aww so nice of you speak so highly of me friend ? that Freedom mobile plan is pretty sweet… $60 for 10GB right? Wait a minute, that’s what I have with Rogers. See the system is starting to work. Regional carriers and Shaw are the only ones with real power to make change. A full walk out would do it too, I’ve always said that we should all flock to one carrier squashing the other two, the problem is that with all this togetherness technology we have, people will never be together on this. It sucks because we all lose in the end as you say.

  • Mike Fradette
  • Jotz

    DONE!!! greedy public

  • Jason Bjerke

    Filled my complaint. I am hoping Shaw or Rogers or someone will see this as a opportunity.
    My work plan is 6gb for $47 with Rogers but the Mrs,has the $37 4 gb plan with public mobile, plus loyalty discounts etc…Hope there is another 10g offer or something.

  • Jotz

    Thank you iphone in Canada for this post

  • Got Game? Get Game! ???

    Right on cue… Freedom Mobile counterstrikes with a 25% discount. Let’s see how this shakes out. My guess is the big 3 and Trolls dismiss Freedom Mobile as inferior and/or not a threat.

  • Tim

    I’m not even a Public Mobile customer, but one crappy practice that you rarely see in Canada is cell companies increasing plan prices shortly after they’re implemented. Sure there are cases of companies trying to knock people off 10 year old grandfathered plans and the like, but generally you can expect to keep your plan rate for a very long time unless you have credits that expire. Cable and residential internet providers (the big ones) have been known to jack up rates all the time even if you signed up six months earlier. I’m very much hoping that this doesn’t become normal in the mobile provider world.

  • FragilityG4

    As a wrongly accused troll I must disagree. I would love to be on Freedom mobile if there’s a significant difference in price from my current plan; unfortunately there isn’t. From all accounts there are still network problems, growing pains that will be resolved in due time, and I sit on the fringe of the away zone. As of late, Rogers has been quite good to me so I don’t have any reason to leave them. Soon enough Freedom will be as big as the three—we can only hope their prices won’t follow suit.

  • FragilityG4

    I wonder about all of us on the 10GB for $60 deal…..

  • John Ferrari

    What did you expect from TELUS. They want to kill Public and have since aqisition.

  • artooro