Koodo Wireless Home Phone Promo Offers Service for $5 Per Month


Koodo Mobile has launched a wireless home phone promo where customers can get the service for $5 per month for the first year, before it returns to its regular $20 per month pricing.

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Wireless home phone uses the Koodo network to make calls and requires a one-time $40 Hub purchase, and $10 SIM card to get setup. Users just insert the SIM into the Hub, plug in a phone and they’ll be able to start making calls.

The $20 per month plan includes:

  • Unlimited Canada-wide calling
  • Voicemail 10
  • Call display; call waiting; conference calling; call forwarding (up to 2500 minutes)

Koodo Wireless Home Phone is only available in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic provinces at the moment, in what appears to be a move to take customers away from traditional landlines with Bell.

The service launched earlier this summer, and fellow rivals Virgin Mobile and Fido similarly offer a wireless home service.

The offer is available from Koodo Shop kiosks, TELUS/Koodo locations, and Koodo Authorized Dealers; it is excluded from Best Buy, Walmart, The Mobile Shop, Cellular Point, London Drugs, and WOW Mobile.

Earlier today, Koodo launched U.S. roaming Booster add-ons for its prepaid customers.


  • SV650

    Telus mobility customers in BC and AB can avail of their wireless home phone offering with $0 up front, and $20, or $10 if on a share plan for a 2 year term. For folks who aren’t Telus mobility customers the ate is $30.

  • Richard

    I’m thinking using this to replace my current home phone, Does anyone know if you can plug in more than one home phone in this device or would all home phones in my house work on it right away ?

  • SV650

    You can plug two handsets into the device. Best option is a cordless phone set. You plug the base station into the WHP terminal, and spread other handsets around your house. If you were to connect it to the existing telephone wiring in your house, you would need to disconnect your house from the outside telephone connection.

  • Richard

    Awesome Thanks a lot SV650

  • Cindy

    Can you use a cell phone on this wireless service