Public Mobile Offers Customers $50/5GB Plan–If They Switch to Koodo


Telus-owned Public Mobile recently increased the price of their LTE plans while debuting slower and cheaper 3G plans. But now in an interesting move, the company looks to be trying to move customers away from their popular $40/4GB province-wide calling plan.

iPhone in Canada reader Xiaohan received the following text message this morning from Public Mobile, which entices with a $50/5GB Canada-wide calling plan—if he agrees to switch to Koodo and use the following promo code by September 4:

Public Mobile here with an exclusive offer for you. For an additional $10/month, upgrade to unlimited nation-wide minutes and get another 1GB of data at Koodo! That means you can get 5GB and unlimited nation-wide minutes for only $50/month on a Koodo monthly bill. Plus, you may be eligible for a $0 smartphone on Tab! Offer valid for XXX-XXX-XXXX only. Offer ends September 4, 2017. Visit your nearest Koodo location at MASTER COM. INC. and show promo code KOODO505GB. You’re included on the list for Public Mobile offers and deals. To be excluded, reply unsubscribe. Conditions apply.

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Public Mobile sent a follow up text to say “Public Mobile here again. To find your nearest Koodo location, please visit:,” so it appears the original text which mentioned “MASTER COM INC.” was some sort of typo.

This appears to be a targeted offer to those on the company’s $40/4GB ($38/mo after AutoPay) plan, by getting them to pay more to switch to Koodo.

Anyone get this text? Are you going to ditch Public Mobile to switch to Koodo?


  • Joe

    Can anyone confirm whether the Koodo plan offers a subsidy for the iPhone? If it does, I would certainly consider it. Sadly I never switched to Public Mobile, I took the Fido match offer instead 🙂

  • It’s Me

    Don’t think this offer applies to fido customers.

    Koodo does offer tabs on iPhones.

  • Joe

    I know it doesn’t apply to Fido customers, I’m just saying if I could get it, I would definitely take them up on it. Currently I have a $50/5GB plan from Fido which has Nationwide calling… no subsidy though 🙁

  • Im with Koodo, I wish I could get this plan ????

  • Samano

    Is Koodo better than public intern of LTE . Do they have volt?

  • Samano

    Im on the $40 4gig I wonder should I switch

  • Riddlemethis

    Hmm. It appears the $40/4GB plan won’t be back this winter as originally predicted.

  • Cornfed710

    This is definitely not being offered to everyone on that plan.


  • Cornfed710

    I’m not. But obviously everyone is different

  • Samano

    Im not also $163 more a year isn’t worth 12gig extra yearly

  • Cornfed710

    I’m coming up on my second year with PM, so even more savings 🙂

  • Spiridus

    I’m on the Koodo Quebec plan ($55 for 8 gigs), these companies really need to be more competitive than this.

  • williams

    I think Telus, Koodo and public mobile is the same lte towers as Telus is the parent company for both Koodo and public mobile

  • Parminder Singh Kalsi

    They really ripping off in Alberta I pay $65 for 4 gigs data on kodoo.

  • has2289

    I received the offer via text message yesterday, but I’m not switching. I’m interested in keeping my monthly costs as low as possible, I can always purchase a long distance add-on, if I need it, and I haven’t yet.

  • I dont think they have VOLT but I actually switched from telus to koodo and I find their service better because I was going from pay as you go to a tab plan; but I wish their plans were better because I am paying $46 for 1gb of data and 500 mins ????

  • DoctorT

    The long distance add on’s also stay valid forever until you use up the entire balance – so one LD payment could last you years.

  • has2289


  • You can use Google Hangouts Dialer if keeping costs to a minimum is a priority. It works with your number too.

  • Samano

    Wow 46$ for 1gig damn that’s such a rip off . I hope you get rid of that plan soon .. call them an as for a better plan or this plan if not ditch them

  • Samano

    Okay thanks

  • Yah I know eh, its god damn annoying Quebec and any other province is getting good deals but its like F**k Nova Scotia; we have shit here. To get a good deal like this it would probably be over $200..