Public Mobile Switcher Promo: Move to Koodo, Get $40/5GB Plan, $100 Credit


Public Mobile tried to increase the price of their coveted $40/4GB plan ($120/12GB over 90 days) by $10 per month, but their customers wouldn’t have it and vented their opposition, leading to parent company Telus reversing the controversial change.

Part of the price increase also included a promo where users could switch over to Koodo and get a $40/4GB plan, but with unlimited Canada-wide minutes, plus a $100 bill credit. Now, it appears Public Mobile has sweetened the deal, making the Koodo offer now $40/5GB, throwing in an extra gigabyte of data.

This Koodo plan includes:

  • 5GB of data ($7/100MB overages)
  • Unlimited Canada-wide anytime minutes; unlimited Canada-wide family calling
  • Call display, voicemail, call waiting, conference calling
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS
Koodo $40 5gb plan

If you’re on the Public Mobile $40/4GB plan, you can switch to this Koodo promo by using the in-store code GOKOODO405GBBPO.

According to RFD, this Koodo plan is eligible for Medium Tab and expires on April 1st (whereas the previous promo was March 15th). Also, users can sign up via a referral (find somebody you know on Koodo) and also earn an additional $50 credit.

Again, if you’re skeptical of what will happen with Public Mobile’s $40/4GB plan in the future, this $40/5GB plan with unlimited nationwide calling is not bad if you’re able to use less than 5GB per month and not incur expensive overages of $70/1GB.

Let us know if you’re going to make the switch.


  • My 1/2 cents

    It sounds like a viable option to switch if you can make a little or you don’t lose money. However, how long before Koodo raises the $40 to $45?

    Additionally, can you switch from Telus to Koodo?

  • Manpreet Singh

    PM clearly gave a signal that plan will going to end sooner or later, 40$ for added 1 gb + nationwide minutes is a nice trade off for rolling over data and province wide calling. People who don’t switch now will regret later.

  • My 1/2 cents

    I think so. The RFD thread is more than 68 pages long. Better ask questions here and even referrals.

  • This promo is targeting only those on the Public Mobile $40/4GB plan

  • Share your referrals here with each other, no banning here 😉

  • With all the credits that I have now, I am literally paying $28 + tax a month for 4GB data with PM. They need to come up with a plan like $40 for 20GB data for me to switch.

  • Charles

    is the $100 bill credit still offered?

  • According to RFD discussion, yes.

  • warpdrive

    Good question….. anyone know for sure?????

  • FragilityG4

    It seems that Telus might be considering ending Public Mobile so they are trying to make it easier and beneficial for current subscribers to switch to Koodo. If they do plan to end Public Mobile my guess is that they will migrate the subscribers over to Koodo at that time but without such incentives so if you are on Public Mobile I would consider this offer.

  • Charles

    I can confirm.

  • Charles

    I think they shouldn’t charge for a new SIM if they want us to switch. There’s a code on RFD that people offered: PM-SIM-0

    Try it. It didn’t work for me and I had to push hard to not have to pay for it.

    Oh and they’ll also make it hard for you if you didn’t get a text from PM with the 5GB offer. AFAIK no one’s gotten one from PM but they’re getting the deal in store.

  • wstoneman

    If you use a referral, you don’t need to already be on public mobile?

  • Saul Boombass

    Has anyone heard if current Koodo customers get this deal?

  • Nick

    I keep seeing this add but kodoo doesn’t seem to offer it

  • Hello Moto ?????????

    Public Mobile customers only, and only those on the legacy $120/12GB ($40/4GB) plan. Try calling Koodo, they might be able to give you free data add-ons or some other promo.

  • Hello Moto ?????????

    The promo is only valid for Public Mobile customers on the $120/12GB ($40/4GB) plan. They will check your phone number to make sure it is on the Public Mobile plan.

  • Hello Moto ?????????

    The promo is only valid for Public Mobile customers on the $120/12GB ($40/4GB) plan. Try calling Koodo, they might be able to give you free data add-ons or some other promo.

  • Manpreet Singh

    28$ plan that’s uncertain to stay for longer than couple of month

  • warpdrive

    Sweet deal! Thanks!

  • Benoit Bourdua

    Nah. 38$ < 40$

    It ain't much but it's better in my pockets than theirs.

  • MrXax

    $70 for 1GB of overage? How the hell can they possibly justify that? Ridiculous.

  • MrXax

    I got the text from PM

  • My 1/2 cents

    Don’t cry later on when PM ceases to exist because of your greed lol

  • My 1/2 cents

    $15 is ridiculous for a 10 cent SIM. It should be free for sure and most of the foreign reps won’t budge on comping it. At the very least give migrated customer a huge discount on the SIM.

  • My 1/2 cents

    As long as people agree to it…

  • My 1/2 cents

    You forget what you get including free Canada wide calling and international roaming including incoming free SMS, and customer service.

  • My 1/2 cents

    Yup. This was brought up months ago in the PM forums but the opinionated there refused to even fathom the possibility.

  • My 1/2 cents

    The referrals are a good thing with Koodo ?

  • Robert

    Looking for switch to Koodo today. If someone wants a referral, hit me up w/ a PM

  • Helen Wall

    Would like the referral bonus if you want to use my name

  • Charles

    PM me if you need a referral!

  • Matt Funk

    I’d like a referral please

  • Dan

    Koodo sucks

  • Yu-Hsien Shih

    I would like one too, thanks!

  • I am a loyal Koodo customer. So I called their customer service, and they said it was only for PM members. But the guy gave me a compromise adding 2GB my plan now for 2 years for free. So call in and see what they can do! It’s worth a shot! So I pay $40 a month for 3GB and 500 min

  • c

    If anyone wants a referral use my link, I am new and haven’t had one yet thanks:

  • c
  • OmniWrench

    I’m on Public Mobile and just tried to switch. The Koodo people claim that if you haven’t received the $40/5GB text then “your number is not pre-approved” and you can’t switch to the plan.

    I received the $40/4GB text, but not the 5GB one, so they said they couldn’t switch me to the 5GB plan, so I left.

    Just a heads up to save someone else their lunch hour.

  • Ken Leu

    Try a different store.

  • Nucksfan99

    Cheers mate. When does the referral credit show up?

  • Ken Leu

    If you did followed the steps correctly, you should get the credit within one or two billing cycles.

  • Sam

    Hey, if anyone needs a $50 referral, there’s a link below. Just make sure to use the same email throughout activation. 🙂

  • trista3

    Two days left for $50 referral credit. Link below

  • Deep Dave

    I pay $36+tax. What they promised is $120/90days. that means $40/month….I think they might get rid of some discounts.

    1) pre-authorized discount:$2/month I think they will get rid it because its like pointless, no other provider has this. if you don’t pay on time then you risk losing a good plan.

    2) loyality discount: $12/year. they will get rid of this discount as well, they want to get rid of people with good plans. People will stay regardless of loyality discount because the plan is still good compared to competitors. This is decreasing the revenue as inflation increases, not effective strategy.

    3) community discount: this they will keep because they rely on us for the customer support. They want us to do their job, smart strategy.

    4) refer a friend discount: they will keep this because most will switch to koodo, whoever is left will lose the discount

    I am not worried about public mobile shutting down because they wont DARE to. If they do take such step, then it is not koodo or public mobile but it is TELUS whose reputation will be affected. We, people, are stubborn, once we make an impression about a company, we will avoid it no matter what; its a matter of principles. Plus, it would be clear indication that telus puts revenue over customer. Especially with their tactic to butcher Wind by providing the bonus $2/GB month if you switched from wind to public mobile.

    Lets says what I said actually happens then I will lose $1 loyality discount, $2 for pre-authorized payment, and my referral may stay $1/month. Then my plan will be $39/month. Now the question is whether the flexibilty of 12GB is worth over extra 1GB a month? I couldn’t care less about canada wide calling, we have Ooma and google hangout anyways. I think 4GB is enough data. I will not be moving. And if what I said doesn’t happen then it will be 2 years with them in this fall. My plan will go to $35/month.

  • Hello Moto ?????????

    Keep trying! Try a different Koodo location or different customer service person at the location. Some of them won’t ask for a text message, so you’ll be able to get the deal!

    Here’s a referral link if you need one:

    https://referafriend.koodomobile. com/Zy1cWXg-5UYqDPN

  • Hello Moto ?????????

    If a Koodo rep refuses to accept the promo code for the 5GB plan, just try a different Koofo location as some reps don’t know about the promo.

    If you switched early and are on the $40 4GB plan, just call Koodo customer service with the 5GB promo code and ask to be switched. It might take a couple tries as some customer service reps don’t understand the deal.

    If you sign up below and switch to Koodo before March 1, you’ll receive a $50 bill credit. From March 1 onwards, it will be $25:

    Referal Link is posted below, might be “awaiting moderation”

  • Hello Moto ?????????
  • instagram- koodopromoz

    Awesome deal being offered to Public Mobile customers

  • Arman

    Exactly, If you never use even 4GB and pay $35 after referrals like me, it doesn’t matter if they even offer you 6GB for $5 price increase, I’d rather stick to my current PM plan.

  • Brian

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  • Andrewtdot

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  • warpdrive


  • Alo

    hey can you send your name and email address to this email I used your referral link and they need this information for verification purposes.

  • Andrewtdot

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