TELUS Launches New Travel Passes for Europe Starting at $30


TELUS this morning has announced new travel passes for Europe, which the company says offers savings up to 90 per cent off compared to pay-per-use rates.

The new rates can be seen below:

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The new passes start at $30 for a plan with 350 outgoing texts, while a $50 plan will get you 50 minutes of talk time, 150 texts and 100 MB of data. TELUS says the $50 plan would cost over $600 at pay-per-use rates, hence the savings of up to 90 percent with these new travel packs.

Another $85 option brings 100 minutes, 200 texts and 300 MB data, while a $150 plan ups it to 200 minutes, unlimited text and 500 MB data.

Customers opting into these travel passes can track their usage via the TELUS travel tracker, a web portal to bring real-time costs, which users will be prompted to link to via text message when they arrive at their destination country.

Earlier this year TELUS also introduced travel passes for Cuba.

For customers roaming worldwide, picking up a local SIM is normally the most affordable option, but if you need to keep your same cell number while abroad, these travel passes are your only option.


  • adam r

    i see t-mobile just released a crazy family of 4 plan for 100$ with free music streaming, 10gb of data, unlimited calling and such…. we have a long ways to go.

  • Toronto Lane

    This is an utter joke

  • It’s not cheap that’s for sure. Worldwide roaming is never cheap on any carrier.

  • In Europe, majority of the destination countries like UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain offer fraction of the cost of the non-sense. Last year when I traveled to UK, I got 3GB data and 500 minutes for about 27 CAD, good for 30 days. I am heading to France in Oct and I am sure I will still away from these packages.

  • SV650

    That works well if you stay in one country, but gets expensive if you have to buy a SIM in each country you travel through. It is easy to have a multi-nation trip in Europe, and their cell networks are as Balkanized as ours.

  • JMCD23

    AFAIK sometime next year roaming won’t be a thing inside the EU. For now many of these prepaid carriers do offer pretty decent roaming rates within the EU. My roaming plan in Germany was 100mb/5eur. Not stellar, but better than telus by far!

  • JP

    And if you want to retain your local number, no it is not the only option. Forward your line to a free VoIP local number before you leave. Use the VoIP client on your phone with a local SIM while outside of your country. And T-Mobile has free unlimited intl roaming (albeit with limited speed).

  • cookier

    hello! what is the carrier in Italy? I am leaving tomorrow. Can I find it in Sicily?