Videotron to Launch VoLTE, Wi-Fi Calling in 2017 as Testing Underway [u]


Videotron appears to be still testing VoLTE (Voice over LTE), but the launch appears imminent according to what customer service representatives have told customers.

According to iPhone in Canada reader Marc, Videotron said VoLTE is available for iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus (updated) and Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphones purchased from the company, for those using new SIM cards (yellow packaging). Support for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus is coming.

Videotron LTE sim card

Videotron has been informing customers in their online community forums both VoLTE and Wi-Fi are being testing, with a launch pegged for 2017.

“We are aware that this is a rising technology and rest assured, Videotron will announce it as soon as it becomes available. We do not have an ETA right now but, it’s being tested,” explains one representative.

Meanwhile, another forum representative told a customer “We are unable to provide a specific date yet but we confirm that the Wi-Fi calling is in development and planned for 2017.”

VoLTE allows for both simultaneous LTE voice and data, quicker call connections and support for wide band audio for clearer calls. Wi-Fi calling allows users to make and receive calls and text messages over Wi-Fi, in areas of poor coverage, such as basements or elevators.

Videotron and Rogers share a LTE network in Quebec and the Ottawa area. Rogers already supports VoLTE, launching the feature back in 2015 for iPhone 6s users, while this summer extended support for iPhone 6/6 Plus users. Both carriers do not support cellular Apple Watch Series 3 models (yet), with Videotron telling customers negotiations are underway.

Expect a Videotron carrier update to be released soon, to bring VoLTE for iPhone 7/7 Plus, and eventually iPhone 8/8 Plus users.


  • Mario Gaucher

    Hopefully this will come soon…
    I have an excellent lte coverage at the office … by 3G is spotty at best for calls.

    Since switching to VoLTE, my colleagues on Rogers or Fido don’t have any problem receiving/placing calls in the office.

  • Mario Gaucher

    launch is eminent…
    When looking at my devices list, it shows which device and sim card are VoLTE compatible…
    My iPhone that I bought from Apple is not “compatible”… but my sim that I recently got this weekend is compatible.

  • Bill___A

    I have an iPhone 7 plus “that I bought from Apple” as well as an iPhone 6 plus “that I bought on apple”. They both work fine with VoLTE., but I am using them with Rogers/Telus,. There’s not really any good excuse for VideoTron to not support Apple purchased phones. I might add that VoLTE is great to have and Wi-Fi calling is a good feature too, although Telus doesn’t apparently allow it outside of Canada (Rogers does).

  • Mario Gaucher

    you’re right. I bought an iPhone 6s Plus directly from Apple for my wife… and it worked fine on VoLTE with Fido. I’ve switched her line to Vidéotron… so I’m confident it will work fine as long as Videotron is supporting the 6s Plus for VoLTE.
    I’ve contacted customer service with the online chat… and they said that it will work fine with VoLTE when it’s officially available as long as I have a compatible sim card (which I already have). They added that what is shown on the online account is just for information only… it’s showing the correct info only if you bought your device directly from them.

  • Gyslain Hamel

    So wait does that mean that Videotron won’t support Iphone 6S for VOLTE?

  • Mario Gaucher

    I’ve posted a twiiter link waiting to be approved with the confirmation that the 6s will be supported.

  • Gyslain Hamel

    When i spoke to them this morning they said that 6s is not compatible for them and that you need to hjave a phone bought with them

  • Mario Gaucher

    this might be true for Android phones…

    but for iPhones, that would be crazy to not allow devices bought elsewhere because all iPhones sold in Canada are exactly the same… there’s no customisation specific to a provider on the device itself (no specific hardware, no specific software).
    There’s an operator config file sent to the iPhone… but this is done by Apple… and Apple is doing it for all iPhone connected to a specific provider… where the iPhone came from does not change the fact that the iPhone will receive the configuration file. So lets say that Apple has a new config file for iPhone 6s connected on Videotron to activate wifi calling and VoLTE… it will be sent to all iPhone 6s connected to Videotron.

    I’ve got the confirmation on the online chat 4 days ago that my iPhone 7 bought in an Apple Store will work fine with VoLTE when it’s officially available. Apparently, what is shown for the device in my online account is for information only.

    that said, my wife has been using her iPhone 6s bought directly from Apple at full price. It was working fine on VoLTE.
    Now I’ve switched her line to Videotron… so I expect it will still work fine when VoLTE is officially available.

  • Gyslain Hamel

    We will see when it gets out, the CSR guy told me simple and clear, Iphone 6s will not be supported because Videotron doesn’t/won’t sell them for a long time and they want to support VOLTE for phones they support only. And they want VOLTE to be for ‘good’ clients which is why they mioght block phones that weren’t sold by Videotron

    For me it sounded more like a sales pitch but never know