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It’s that time again!

For those that may just be joining us, here is the run down about these giveaways.

It is a segment that will:

  • Last 24 hours
  • Only happen a couple of times a month (maybe less or maybe more)
  • Be extremely easy to win
  • Be posted at random

What’s up for grabs today?

Today we have FIVE copies of the iPhone app Voice Card from Anson Li.

Voice Card is a great app that makes really nice greeting cards in which users can take their own photo and use their own voice to record a greeting. The app will also save you money on greeting/holiday cards! (have you been to Hallmark lately?)

You can read more about Voice Card in our spotlight post.

Usually Voice Card is available in the App Store for $1.99, but today five lucky readers get it for free!

How to Win

To win, tell me how you would use Voice Card?

Winners chosen at random; Contest ends May 12, 2010 at 1:25AM PST.

Contest Rules:

1.) Make sure to include your email in the name entry field or I cannot contact you!

2.) One Contest Entry Per Person. Do not attempt to post multiple contest entries under different emails and/or user names during the same contest.


  • Very free is very nice

  • nbrunner

    Would encourage me to send more cards out.

  • Garafraxa

    My 3 year old would enjoy the snowman themed card. I'd send a lot of these at Christmas.

  • kimmy19

    I would let my three year old nephew send out the cards because he says the funniest things!

  • martindebernardo

    Well this little app would remove the stress for me at XMAS to come up with new ideas on XMAS cards I can send to friends clients and family. This could be a saver.

  • markton

    Recovering from Prostate surgery. Would send Thank Yous to all the well wishers

  • mackman6151

    once they add facebook support i'd link it to my facebook account and send ut birthday wishes to people (won't have to type anymore to 900 people!)

  • mohammedalagha

    I had this app it's really amazing
    must have
    I don't want to particpate in give away just want to tell u this app is awsome

  • ReyT

    I'm in recovery coming from a week's stay in the hospital. The office sent me a nice basket of fruits and get-well-soon cards from people at work. It would be nice to send all of them my “thank you's” with my own voice using this app. That would be the coolest thing!

  • iamlynda

    I love sending e-greetings to all my friends and family. I'm eloping this summer, this would be a great way to let everyone know we took the leap!!

  • mikeec67

    I would use to make thank you cards for my son's baptism. It would be an original way to thank people who came. Some came from very far away.

  • djepsilon

    I would send Steve Jobs greeting cards for every holiday.

    I think he'd really like that…

  • Jon

    Voice Card would be a great app for me because I love doing vocal impressions of famous people, cartoon characters, and of some family members and friends. I also prefer to send e-cards over paper cards because of their convenience and ability to be sent and recieved quickly. So, this app would be awesome for me to own and would allow me to send some very unique and hilarious e-greetings to family, friends and co-workers on any number of occassions.

  • I think that is a great app….. I might even send more cards as manually i

  • Sparky

    This will sound corny and sappy but it's the truth.

    I would use this app for love. The one I love lives far away and is torn between two people. I would use this app to show symbols of my affection and to make him laugh and happy. It may help in winning his heart. Call me a romantic. 🙂

  • Seif

    I'd send one to my girlfriend everyday.. and writing in the end: PS: i got this app from 🙂

  • iVictoria

    I have a very, very, large family and spend hundreds of dollars on Hallmark cards each year. Well, my wife does at any rate. I prefer the Dollar Store cards but that's a different kettle of fish altogether. Nevertheless, I imagine that with Voice Card I could save enough money this year alone to pay for the new iPhone when it comes to market this summer. I'd love to win this new App!

  • TheLeetMan

    I would be sending cards to that special lady, family during the holidays, and Everyone who reads this blog….almost everyone.

    This app looks good hope I win

  • Winners:

    – Garafraxa
    – mackman6151
    – iamlynda
    – Jon
    – Sparky

  • Garafraxa

    So excited for my big win! Thank you iPhoneInCanada!

  • Ex


    – Garafraxa
    – mackman6151
    – iamlynda
    – Jon
    – Sparky

  • Garafraxa

    So excited for my big win! Thank you iPhoneInCanada!