Apple to Upgrade iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 Camera to 8 MP, Analyst Says


The rumour mill has been busy today spilling information about the forthcoming iPads. Now, in addition to Reuters‘ claim that the iPad mini 2 won’t feature a Retina display, Ming Chi Ku of KGI Securities claims that the next-generation Apple tablets will include an enhanced camera (via MacRumors).

According to the analyst, who has a good track record in predicting Apple’s moves (for example, he was the one who first stated that the iPhone 5s would come with a fingerprint sensor), Apple will likely implement an 8 MP camera into the next-generation tablets, both the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2.

The currently available models feature a decent, 5 MP rear camera with an f/2.4 aperture, which, by the way, is the same hardware introduced with the iPad 3 back in March 2012.

We predict Apple (US) will launch new iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 (so called retina iPad mini) in 4Q13. As the tablet market becomes increasingly competitive, Apple could upgrade the camera as a selling point for the new iPad in a bid to increase competitiveness. We expect the upgrade will include 8MP rear camera, up from 5MP, and larger aperture. Lens module ASP will rise 10-20% on this optics spec upgrade.

This move could be interesting, since the tablets aren’t really used for photography as much as the iPhone, so using a decent 5 MP camera was just satisfactory. However, improving the camera with the latest technology introduced during the iPhone event could help iPad users to take better pictures. This could be start of “iPadeography”? I think not. But still, you could use the gadget you have in your hand to capture that moment of joy.

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  • 350Zed

    They should downgrade it so people (read: idiots) stop using tablets as cameras.

  • Al

    Scenario 1:
    – You’re doing something with your iPad…
    – Your kid does something cute…
    – What do you do… look for or fumble for your iPhone… -OR- … just quickly grab a photo with your iPad?

    Scenario 2:
    – You’re using your iPad to read music…
    – You’re given new music…
    – You need to take a photo of the music right away to get it into your music reading app…
    – What do you do… take a picture with your iPhone, e-mail to yourself, take it off the iPad’s e-mail, copy it over to dropbox, access it from the music reading app … -OR- … do you just use your iPad’s music program to take a picture of the music so that it instantly appears in the app?

    Shall I go on?

  • HelloCDN

    Just put the retina inside of Mini…

  • John C

    Just get a Nexus 7 like I did last month. It’s great!

  • OMAC

    No flash? Instead if increasing mp a flash could really improve pic quality

  • crosseyed_mofo

    said no photographer ever

  • crosseyed_mofo

    does it come with norton anti virus pre-installed, if so? sold

  • crosseyed_mofo

    the practicality is obviously handy, but Al, you cannot argue that people who take pics with ipads dont look like complete assholes

  • Al

    Like people at small live shows, parades, and other impractical situations? I’d be more inclined to say “silly”. Unless they are blocking your view, THEN they’re an asshole.

  • kakarot11

    I see way to many older folks using an ipad for photos… in the worst situations ever… so, if it can at least take decent photos.. win win? However, I rather a lower cost and no back camera.

  • The worst are wedding photos ‘ruined’ by Uncle Tom using his iPad as a camera in the second row, leaning into the aisle.

  • OMAC

    So your not a photographer

  • crosseyed_mofo

    not a pro no, but i know enough that most photographers want nothing to do with an integrated flash, take a look at all high end full frame DSLR’s, whats missing?

  • crosseyed_mofo

    even seeing someone on the street taking touristy snaps makes me irrate

  • Al

    Depending on the distance, a flash provides harsh, unflattering lighting. It flattens the subject and provides less than desirable definition. It doesn’t provide the natural highlights and shadows that you normally see when looking at things and people.

    Usually, the better solution is to improve the resolution and aperture to allow for good low-light shooting.

    Also, from one perspective, Apple shouldn’t have the flash so close to the lens. If it was on the opposite end it would be less direct, plus you could hold a folded Kleenex over the flash if you wanted to tone it down for a nicer shot. The reality, of course, is that people would end up accidentally covering the flash with their fingers. The best solution would be to have a diffuser setting.

  • HelloCDN

    No thanks. I’ve just managed to escape Android on my smartphone, don’t need it on my tablet now.

  • Annette Rose Giesbrecht

    I would not use an ipad as a camera unless there was no way to avoid it. It just makes people think that I am bragging “I have an ipad and you don’t, ha ha.”