Alleged Hands-On with Space Gray ‘iPad mini 2’ and ‘iPad 5’ [VIDEO]


Screen Shot 2013 09 28 at 10 08 43 PM

Apple parts leaker Sonny Dickson has uploaded what appears to be an alleged hands-on video of the iPad mini 2 and iPad 5 in space gray.

Last week Dickson posted purported images of the 9.7-inch iPad in space gray and silver, but now the following video also includes a closer look at the iPad mini form factor in the gray shade (which seemingly looks familiar to earlier leaked images of the shell). The video below isn’t in English but that doesn’t really matter:

Yesterday Dickson posted an extensive gallery of this iPad mini ‘2’ shell in space gray as well. The space gray colour option debuted with the iPhone 5s–could we see it move to the iPad family as well? Apple is rumoured to hold a special event in October to debut new iPads, like last year. Stay tuned!


  • Geeta Dutt

    I just hope this mini has retina, I have been waiting…

  • John

    My AMEX is ready. Take it now!

  • Ditto

  • Tyler Hojberg

    Fingers crossed for a 15-inch retina pro in space gray!!!

  • Tyler Hojberg

    On a separate note, it’s funny to see Apple using the term ‘space gray’ externally. ‘White’ Apple plastic is actually referred to internally as Moon Grey I, II, and III. You can only really tell it’s not white when you pair it with a pure white third-party cable.

  • Mark Roberts

    Are rumours pointing towards a retina mini?

  • Sounds like a mixed bag according to rumours. If Retina doesn’t come this year…APPLE IS DOOMED!

  • J. W.

    At first I thought having a 2048×1536 resolution 7.9″ display would be ridiculous…then I remembered all the higher dpi phones out there with 1920×1080 on tiny 4-5″ screens.