Apple’s iPad mini Set to be Discontinued Claims Rumour


BGR reports an unnamed source has told the site Apple plans to ‘phase out’ its iPad mini, claiming the latter has been “sized out of its own category”, as there is a “fierce cannibalism of our own products.” The elimination of the iPad mini is reportedly due to low sales numbers, which the source notes are “very clear”.

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The source also claims Apple will unveil some “record numbers” at WWDC 2017, which were not discussed at the company’s recent Q2 earnings call.

Yesterday, the site also claimed Apple is set to unveil new health features for Apple Watch, to include non-invasive glucose monitoring, while future “smart bands” will become available for the wearable.

Apple currently sells the iPad mini 4, starting at $549 CAD for the 128GB Wi-Fi model. With the new iPad starting at $449 CAD, plus 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro, it doesn’t look like there is room for the iPad mini anymore.

What do you think? Should the iPad mini stick around or does it need to go?


  • Joe

    That’s strange. I have a mini and I love it. The size makes it great for reading one handed, and it’s a very nice size in general. I had an iPad Air before that, and I returned it for a Mini 2. When the 4 came out, it was a no brainer for me – I ordered it immediately.

  • Aleksandar Matijaca

    I’ve got two of them, and I love them both. Utility type things – one is used for streaming audio only, and the other one is used to control my stereo…

  • bbousquet

    I have had a Mini 4 since launch (had a Mini 1 before) and absolutely love the form factor. My girlfriend and two teen daughters all have Mini 2’s. I’d be disappointed if they dumped the model. I probably know more people who have the Mini than the full sized iPad!

  • FragilityG4

    I have an iPad and an iPad Mini for my kids. When it’s time for me to use one I always take the Mini not because of the weight but the size is more comfortable. I don’t like this move at all.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Fits in my back pocket. Love the iPad mini size.

  • Larry

    I had the original iPad then went to the Mini. I’m on my second Mini now. I like being able to hold it with one hand. The 9.7″ is too clunky for me. If they cancel the Mini I won’t be buying another iPad.

  • Chris

    If this rumor is true, hopefully it means a reduction in price. My parents love the size of the mini but the price of upgrading from their first gen has been a stumbling block.

  • SV650

    Just bought an iPad Mini 4 as an upgrade from the original release. Like the others here, I hope it is not discontinued.

  • clee666

    The sales are low because they don’t give us anything new…. The iPad Mini 3 should have been named Mini 2 + Touch ID

  • SOB

    I am reading this article on my Mini 4.