Retina iPad 5, Gold iPad mini 2 Concepts with Touch ID Imagined [PICS]

Design Martin Hajek released his renders of what the iPhone 5s would look like with a fingerprint sensor, prior to the iPhone 5s announcement. Now, he has taken the time to release new renders imagining what the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 would both look like if they eventually gain the new Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Also, to make things even cooler he throws a slap of gold paint onto the iPad mini; the colour is one of two new colours made available for the iPhone 5s, with space gray being the other. Check out the images below, via Hajek’s website:

Screen Shot 2013 09 16 at 9 01 30 AM

Screen Shot 2013 09 16 at 9 02 10 AM

Screen Shot 2013 09 16 at 9 01 45 AM

Screen Shot 2013 09 16 at 9 01 57 AM

Screen Shot 2013 09 16 at 9 02 30 AM

Screen Shot 2013 09 16 at 9 02 20 AM

We’ve previously seen iPads outfitted in 24K gold in Dubai, but to see it on the iPad mini would be just perfect or too much in your opinion?

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  • Tyler Hojberg

    I honestly don’t think any of the iPads are getting Touch ID this time around. There’s no way Apple can cram the sensor and a retina display in the mini without jacking up the price.

  • Supacon

    I suspect that’s exactly what they’ll do – I foresee Apple having four iPads:
    A high-end and low-end mini, and both high and low end big iPads.

    Perhaps next year they’ll do something similar with the iPhone, releasing a bigger version to compete with the large Android handsets while keeping the 4″ size around for those who prefer it.