Vodafone Confirms The iPad Explosion Did Not Involve An iPad Air


IPad air

Last week, an incident took place at a Vodafone retail store in Canberra, Australia, where it was reported that an iPad Air device burst into flames and filled the store with smoke. Today, Vodafone has confirmed that the iPad in question was not an iPad Air, but rather an older model (via Mashable).

“It was an earlier generation iPad with Retina display model — not one of the more recently launched devices. Apple is investigating the cause,” a Vodafone Australia spokesperson told Mashable.

Another Vodafone Australia representative offered similar insight into the incident as the first. “Can confirm it was not an Air; all I know it was a Retina model, so a 3 or 4,” the spokesperson said. “ Apple has taken the device for investigation, so we won’t know any more until they do. Apple has taken the device for investigation, so we won’t know any more until they do.” 

The original report from last week had claimed that the flames appeared from the charging port of an exposed iPad Air device. No customers or staff members were injured during the incident, but it was enough to see firemen rushing into the store to put out the fire. However, today’s information confirms that those interested in purchasing Apple’s latest tablet should not be concerned.

The all new iPad Air was launched on October 22nd, that went on sale on the 1st of November.


  • Al

    The other Vodaphone rep didn’t know what model it was?! Seriously. If you work in a small store like that, you know exactly what every device is? This story just keeps getting fishier and fishier.

    Incidentally, it was last Wednesday, not Friday, when this happened.

  • Hidden

    Who cares what model ipad iPhone it is, there’s no reason for it to burst into flames, you pay all this money for the “best” product in the world (according to multiple paid sources) just to get something that might burn down your house!

    Also blaming 3rd party chargers as the cause just shows how little confidence apple has left. Stop blaming others and create something that will work with all, like oh I duno Samsung, LG, blackberry, Sony HTC and all the others that use universal chargers?

  • Al

    You don’t think other products have had similar issues?! They have. One out of several million is pretty good (although I am certain we haven’t been given all the facts on this by Vodaphone).

    You think the product should support poorly made (CRAP) chargers?! You’re not too bright, are you.

  • Stefan Vasiljevic

    I think that there is no need to be rude. You should not insult anyone for not having the same opinion. I Agree with Hidden. It should not burst into flames.

  • Al

    Fuck off.