Check Out the New Google Account ID Popup in Mobile Safari


For those avid users of the Google Mobile interface on the iPhone, you may have noticed a minor update. When you load and navigate to apps such as Gmail, Reader, Docs, or Tasks, a new slick animation appears to display your Google Account ID.

Near the top, a message will appear to read “Logged in as”, as seen below. The pop up fades in and out, and looks neat more than anything.

Back in June, Google updated their mobile interface to include a new top bar with easier access to Google services. This new feature, although a small one does make the mobile interface act more like an app, rather than a boring mobile site.

Yesterday, Google re-introduced the Gmail iOS app back into the App Store, after a disappointing initial launch.


  • Ryan

    Why is it when one of these new posts relate to a google product it’s something I’ve been seeing for a few months already?

  • This feature only appeared yesterday for me, and I’ve been using Google Reader in Mobile Safari since the first iPhone. So, there. 🙂