5.5-inch iPhone and iWatch Rumoured to Launch in December


The 4.7-inch iPhone has already been ‘confirmed’ as being in mass production. We can’t say the same for the 5.5-inch version, though, which has been said to be entering production in September. But don’t bet on that – G4Games has pointed to a Weibo post claiming we won’t see the 5.5-inch iPhone or the iWatch until December.

Smartwatch concept balogh

If we can believe the rumour mill, the iWatch will be released alongside the iPhone. However, the smartwatch may not be ready by September when Apple allegedly plans to release the highly anticipated iPhone 6.

Now, considering that the 5.5-inch iPhone is said to be entering mass production in November, it’s safe to estimate – based on the circulating rumours – that the device will be available in stores in December.

In addition, the source suggests that the highly-anticipated iWatch will be released alongside the larger iPhone 6, so as of yet, it seems that the 4.7-inch model could be all by itself when the time comes to hit the stage. Not long ago, a report claimed that the iWatch will enter mass production in November but no release date has been mentioned.

Although a December launch already has a precedent (see Mac Pro), the latter product cannot be compared in terms of sale and anticipation with the iPhone or iWatch. By the way, it is very unusual for Apple to release such products at the end of the calendar year, at a time when the holiday shopping rush will be over.


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    No sign of real leak regarding the Apple watch, all these rumors looks false. Since last few years we have seen many real leaks about the apple products but Apple watch is the only item where we hear lots of rumors but no real leak which is not good sign for consumers as I don’t see Apple launching watch this year. I think most of the Apple innovtion died with the Steve Job.

  • Look at the Mac Pro. No leaks of that primarily because it is being manufactured in the U.S.–if the iWatch is being made in the USA too, you can bet there’s a tight seal over leaks, vs the vast Asian supply chain.