Apple says 90 Percent of iOS Devices are Now Running iOS 7


Apple updated its App Store Distribution page this evening to reflect 90 percent of devices are now running iOS 7, based on App Store usage over a seven day period ending on July 13, 2014.

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To put these numbers into perspective, only 17.9% of Android devices are running the latest software, KitKate 4.4 as of July 7:

Screenshot 2014 07 14 20 48 11

During the company’s Q2 earnings call back in April, Apple said 87% of devices were running iOS 7, so that’s a 3% jump in just under three months. Apple seeded iOS 8 beta 3 to developers last week, with the final public release coming this fall.


  • Al

    That’s a gross misrepresentation. I’d bet the ACTUAL number of devices upgraded to iOS7 is closer to 50% or less.

  • ?suttonmontreal

    15% of this numbers are the people that updated from iOS 6 because of the FaceTime issues including some with wi fi problems, and Apple just said “update to the latest IOS” I was happy with two iPhone 4 that i use at home only for music and multimedia,jailbroken ,running 6.1.2 SHSH saved and connected to a sound dock. but wi fi and FaceTime were my issues. i didn’t like iOS 7 on iPhone 4 until 7.1 came out because of its slow motion. thankfully on 7.1.2 and Pangu jailbreak all has changed now. but still, if iOS 6 hade no issues i will go back to it from my A4 devices anytime

  • hub2

    Statistics are the 3rd lie, remember.

    But in this case, it’s very clearly stated that it’s based on connections to the app store over a 7-day period.

    For developers, this is an important metric, and pretty accurate since it’s a single authoritative reference.

    Apple can probably tell the iOS version of every device still in use based on checks against the iOS update server. True, those will result in lower iOS7 numbers… which don’t matter to app developers, since users of those older iOS devices clearly aren’t connecting to the app store anyway, and aren’t potential customers.

  • Al

    In the previous referenced article… “Apple said 87% of devices were running iOS 7″… The app store is not clearly stated as the factor for those numbers. Not in the IPIC article, and not in the originating article from the MorningStar, which was apparently quoting Tim Cook directly.

    These numbers are for chest-thumping and are meant to deceive. Even though, in this case, the context was the App Store, that reference on the Apple page was made in tiny, light grey print. So, when they say,

    “90 Percent of iOS Devices are Now Running iOS 7”, they are trying to deceive. Otherwise they would be clear, by simply saying,

    “90 Percent of iOS Devices visitng the app store are Now Running iOS 7”.

    This is such an American mentality to marketing. They just love to lie. And they feel justified in doing so, so long as they have some vague method of supporting their lie.

  • hub2

    Yes, it’s called “the fine print” and used to support TL;DR headlines / marketing.

    You can hardly blame Apple for doing this though–they learned the hard way in the 90s when they truthfully advertised their CRT monitors as 12″ when everyone else called them 13″, and were slammed for shipping smaller screens than the competition despite viewable area being the exact same. Only after Apple gave up the honest approach, did some lawsuit or other force the fine print of, for example, ’13” (12″ viewable)’. Thankfully LCD screens put an end to that.

    Look, I prefer honesty and being upfront about details myself. But business (and arguably “success” in life) is built on half-truths, and when you’ve been punished by the public for being fully honest up front while your competitors get rewarded for using half-truths… well, what do you expect?

  • reformcanada

    I am skeptical that it is that high, but it is certainly over 50%. I wonder if that includes all the forced downloads on iOS 6 devices. I still have iOS 6 on my iPad, but it drives me nuts that Apple downloads the iOS 7 software update without my ability to delete it from my free storage.