ABC News Teases Exclusive Access to Apple’s ‘Historic Announcement’ [VIDEO]


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Earlier today redirected their main page to their live event keynote page, which shows the countdown timer for tomorrow’s iPhone event.

ABC News (a subsidiary of Disney with extremely close ties to Apple) has also started to promote how its reporter, David Muir, is the only anchor with exclusive access to Apple’s upcoming ‘historic announcement’.

Check out the teaser video below (Flash video):

You may recall Muir also had the exclusive interview with CEO Tim Cook when the latter spoke about NSA surveillance and 30 years of the Mac, back in January.

This event is going to be huge. Expectations right now are at an all-time high—let’s hope Apple can meet or exceed them (iPhone 6 x 2, an ‘iWatch’, mobile payments—what else?!). The event starts at 10AM PDT/1PM EDT, and will be live-streamed—just over 12 hours to go, folks!


  • Al

    hmmm… black & white commercial… “historic announcement”… This all plays into my earlier-stated theory that the black & white banner for the event is about the significance of Apple’s “1984” ad.

  • beavisaur

    They are building hype in a different way this year I assume because of all the leaks and info we already have. Smart move getting a huge network involved in the launch. Although I prefer the ‘smaller’ style launch they normally do, I hate everything about how the big networks spin things. Oh well, should be interesting.