Alleged 3D iPhone 6 Schematics Surface with Similar Dimensions to Dummy Units [PICS]



Over the past several weeks we have seen the iPhone 6 leaked in various forms. Today, Apple’s next-generation iPhone was leaked again in the form of 3D schematics, which are reportedly coming straight from the supply chain (ie. Foxconn or its affiliates).

The 3D schematics, which were first leaked by the Chinese WeiFeng network, are supposed to resemble the current design of the next-generation iPhone. Keep in mind that by the time the device is released, the design may change.


The dimensions of the 4.7-inch iPhone shown in the schematics are similar to the designs leaked by Australian designer Sonny Dickson and the dimensions leaked by MacRumours. According to the leaked 3D schematics the overall dimensions are 138.14mm x 66.97mm x 5.95mm.

The designs shown above reportedly represent the rumoured 4.7-inch iPhone, which is set to debut during the second half of this year. Recent reports have pointed to an August announcement for the 4.7-inch device, with the 5.5-inch variant of the iPhone coming later in the year.

Apple is expected to show of iOS 8 and Mac OS X 10.10 at its WorldWide Developers Conference in June, however, their health and fitness-based iWatch will reported be announced later this year.

[via GForGames]


  • WatDah

    Assuming these leaks are real, would the company get any form of punishment from Apple for the leaks? Would this count as breach of contract (cause surely, Apple would have manufacturers sign some sort of agreement for secrecy)?

    The fact that Steve Jobs would go out of his way to protect unreleased products (think iPhone 4), and Tim Cook does nothing to protect it (think all the leaks starting iPhone 5), kinda makes me not as excited, or feel that “Apple does things a little different” anymore. It certainly took the surprise factor away, not that their products are even “surprising” anymore. Regardless if the rumors/leaks turns out real or not.