Apple Car Will Cost $75,000, Claims Analyst


There will be an Apple Car unveiled in 2019 or 2020, so you can pre-order it, but you will not get it until 2021. By the way, when the Apple Car is available, you’ll have shell out around $75,000 to own it, claims well-known Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster in an “exclusive” report published on Apple Car Fans (via The Verge).

Apple icar

Before you start calculating whether you will be able to save that money before 2020 (and don’t enjoy the product you have bought for another year or so) consider a few things: (1) the $75,000 is just a number Munster threw in (“seems to come from thin air,” says The Verge), because Apple is targeting the “high-end” consumer; (2) The report comes from the same Gene Munster you may be familiar with if you have been following Apple for the past few years.

This “Gene” is the one who has been hard-headed about the Apple television set launch for many years. He predicted the Apple iTV would launch in 2012, then he said it would definitely come in 2013, and then he kept on pushing the launch date back year after year in the firm belief that the iTV was coming.

He finally gave up on predicting the iTV last year. As for the Apple Car, well, the hirings and the rumours seem to suggest Apple is working on an electric car. Will it ever materialize? Good question.


  • gerry

    How much will Applecare cost?

  • MikeJenkinson

    The Apple Car will cost $75,000 if you buy it outright but you can have it for only $25,000 if you sign a two-year contract.

    Also, you’ll have to shell out another $10,000 for Apple Care on it, in case you shatter your windshield.

  • Tim Stewart

    I should start billing myself as an analyst. I’m certain that I can look at the FMA reports just as well.

  • winnertakesteve

    Don’t feed the Munster

  • Mohammed Al Sarraf

    Wht about the storage options

    Hopefully they wont release a 16gb option

  • Wall Man

    There is going to be a huge secondary market for spare battery packs. Also screen protectors and cases to protect your investment. 😛

    If this ever sees the light of day, I wouldn’t be surprised at a higher price point. When has Apple ever released anything that competed at a lower price point?

  • iverge

    Good luck with that… #NEXT

  • First incident for AppleCare is only $5000

  • sukisszoze

    Should I wait for Apple Car, or wait for 3G, or 4..but the year after will be a ‘S’ version…the ‘S’ must stand for speed I am the windshield will be bigger on the ‘Plus’ model.

  • Mark Holoubek

    Gene Munster. The North American version of DigiTimes.

  • Z

    A few gold edition watches for the price of the car. Yeah right, $75000 is way too low