Apple Won’t Unveil a Display with Integrated GPU at WWDC 2016


As the WWDC 2016 keynote data is already set, the rumour mill has started spilling information of the possibility of a 5K Thunderbolt Display with integrated GPU being one of the wildcards Apple may prepare for the highly anticipated event.

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According to iMore, that’s not the case. Apple doesn’t plan to announce an external GPU (eGPU)-powered Apple Display at the WWDC 2016, iMore’s Rene Ritchie says.

There’d been some speculation on Twitter and rumor reports about Apple possibly introducing a display with an integrated eGPU. Theory being, it would take some of the graphical processing overhead off MacBooks and/or facilitate a single-cable connection that could drive 5K. It sounds cool, but I asked around, and it’s not happening at the keynote or any time in the immediate future.

The information Rene Ritchie has managed to obtain doesn’t dismiss the possibility of a Thunderbolt Display update entirely, which could materialise in the light of Thunderbolt Display stock shortages.

Daring Fireball and 9to5Mac have have heard rumours that Apple is working on a 5120 x 2880 display with integrated GPU.

9to5Mac’s sources say WWDC this year will be a “software year,” suggesting that hardware announcements would be light this year.


  • winnertakesteve

    i for one would be super happy with a REAL focus on software this year, as i run into software frustrations far more often than hardware limitations lately. go nuts with hardware in 2017 though 😉

  • hlna55

    like I said in the other related post… apple has neglected their hardware in my opinion. The imac came out with 5K what… over 2 years ago? and the same thunderbolt display has remained. Now they’re getting rid of magsafe so the existing display won’t work? and the MBPr hasn’t actually been updated in over 2 years…
    complacency at its finest. my 2012 MBPr is still fine and I’ve moved to a surface pro for everyday mobile computing… and its way more usable than an iPad pro… a $2k business tablet without a mouse? still? or ability to run an external monitor? I have my surface pro driving 2 2×24″ monitors and it’s hooked up to a mouse, keyboard, hardwire internet and an external hard drive at the moment.
    I think Apple may have outsmarted themselves.

  • BigCat

    I do not find myself as critical of Apple on the state of their product roadmap as you. Having said that you make strong points.

    What I find very interesting is that most people do not appear to be responding to these other products (like the Surface) with the same level of enthusiasm as with Apple products