Apple Gold iPhone 5s Production Increased by 33%


Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 6.40.42 PM.jpg

Apple has increased the production of the gold iPhone 5s by a third, as the demand for the new colour is apparently very high, the Wall Street Journal reports.

While it isn’t clear whether there are supply constraints manufacturing the iPhone 5s — except for the hit-or-miss Digitimes sources, which have heard about issues with the camera lenses — the demand is much higher than the initial launch stock of the gold iPhone 5s.

There were reports of low supply of gold iPhone 5s models from carrier sources, which some of us thought was just a smart marketing move to boost the queues in front of the Apple Stores.

But the reality looks much different: turns out the demand for the gold colour is so high that the initial stock sold out in Canada within 10 minutes of the online store starting to accept orders.

However, this isn’t just Canada: in Hong Kong this also happened in minutes, followed by the sell-out of all available models, while the US followed similar pattern.

Are we experiencing a new gold rush? Is your colour of choice gold?


  • Chukie

    3 bell stores in small towns around where I live didn’t even receive any 5 s what’s up with that. Guess Toronto money is worth more than us country folk. Or mayby Bell sent them by pony express just like our internet

  • Chrome262

    Well its hard to ignore millions of customers over a few thousand. It works like that with most things, the big cities get it first and then it gets redistributed.

  • Chrome262

    While I thought there would be a demand for gold iPhone, I seriously didn’t think it would be this popular. Guess why Apple makes the big bucks lol

  • Justin Chen

    Yah, Gold is Best, Best, Best … 🙂

  • John Smith

    Called a few Bell Mobility stores in the GTA this morning and they have confirmed that they did not receive any Gold iPhone 5s and they don’t know when they will get them in stock.

  • Andrew

    This is hardly indicative of demand. Apple provided extremely limited supply. Tim Cook used to be the supply chain guy and with his promotion it looks like either his successor dropped the ball or they’re having more production issues than we’re hearing about.