Apple Pay Launches in France for Visa and MasterCard


Apple Pay is now live in France, supporting Visa and MasterCard for the following banks:

  • Banque Populaire (Visa debit and deferred debit cards)
  • Caisse d’Épargne (Visa debit and deferred debit cards)
  • Carrefour Banque (MasterCard debit and deferred debit cards)
  • Edenred (Ticket Restaurant cards)

Apple pay france 2

Rumours of the French launch went as far back as February of this year, as we previously reported.

Currently, the debut of Apple Pay in France comes less than two weeks after Switzerland gained the mobile wallet. Apple Pay is supported in the UK, Australia, Mainland China, Singapore and the United States.

Canada’s Big 5 banks launched support for Apple Pay back in May (along with ATB and Canadian Tire), expanding the mobile wallet’s reach here beyond American Express cardholders.

Great to see another launch country for Apple Pay.



  • Kirk

    I don’t know why am always excited to see this type of news I know we’ve had Apple Pay for a while now but the states had it for longer than us so it’s nice when other countries get to join in

  • Yeah, I completely agree. Really hard to explain Apple Pay to someone until they actually get to use it. It’s just too easy.