Will Apple Pay Person to Person Payments Launch in Canada?


When iOS 11 launches this fall, it will launch a new feature for Apple Pay with person to person payments, allowing users to send and receive money easily between friends and family.

Person to person payments will let iOS users send and receive money within Messages, by using debit and credit cards in Wallet via Apple Pay. When money is received, the funds go into a new Apple Pay Cash account, which the company says can be used instantly to send to someone or make purchases in a store via Apple Pay, within apps and on the web, or transfer to their bank account.

Apple pay cash

The seamless method to send money sounds like Interac e-Transfers on steroids, but will Apple Pay person to person payments support Canada when iOS 11 launches? The answer is no, sadly.

According to Apple, “Person to person payments and Apple Pay Cash will be available in the US on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch this fall.”

Back in April, Recode reported an ‘Apple Cash’ money transfer service was coming.

So this means the rest of the world will have to watch from the outside again, as a brand new Apple Pay feature launches in the U.S. only (Canadians are also missing out on the HomePod launch this December, which is probably good for your wallet…).

Why is this feature only launching in the U.S.? Apple most likely is testing it first at home before it expands abroad.

One thing is certain, Canadians have been sending Interac e-Transfers in record numbers, as Q1 alone saw nearly 50 million transfers take place. Our big banks have also been eliminating Interac e-Transfer fees too, with TD Canada, RBC and BMO axing charges to send money.

Scotiabank was the first to launch an iMessage extension for Interac e-Transfers in March, while RBC recently launched support to use Siri to send money.

When will Canada get Apple Pay person to person payments and Apple Pay Cash? With a U.S.-only launch, it seems we may have some time to wait.


  • Ryan Peterson

    Hopefully Canada see’s it quicker than ApplePay. ApplePay and ‘tap’ payments have been so slow to roll out in the US and I hear allot from Americans how vendors aren’t setup for it. Where here in Canada pretty much every transaction I do is ApplePay. Apple should roll it out here where ApplePay is becoming something I see the Majority and even Laggards using daily.

  • bbousquet

    I guess they need some kind of deal in place with CC companies as I don’t think you’d want to pay 3% fees when sending money to someone via this feature.

  • Tilt allows users to send money to each other and funding can be from a credit card. The problem with apps like Tilt though, you need to force your friends to install them and setup, which is nearly impossible.

  • It’s Me

    Doesn’t Tilt charge the 3% processing fee? Or user?

  • Many99

    I like the most is when Apple cash becomes a card that you can use it at stores, something I love to give to my nephew so he can get used to using his phone to buy stuff and I keep track of what he’s buying.

  • sully54

    Apple would most likely have to renegotiate Apple Pay terms with Interac for this to work in Canada. In the US, they don’t have a centralized debit system and is instead handled by visa/MasterCard.

    I forsee another long wait for this feature to come to Canada.

  • bbousquet

    I don’t see how they would avoid it. Someone has to pay the CC fees.

  • raslucas

    So my guess for when person to person comes to Canada will be 1.5 years after Mogo and Koho gets ApplePay.

  • raslucas

    This is true! I do feel like Apple does a good job of being forward thinking with these sorts of agreements. I suppose the only one that comes to mind really is music. It took Apple many baby steps to get it from where they were (CD-only, no downloads) to where they are now (a-la-carte streaming).

    I feel like when Apple went to the negotiation table, they knew the roadmap of generally where ApplePay was going to go…

  • raslucas

    I bet you the different between Apple Store money and Apple Pay money will get muddy… I’m sure that there are money laundering implications that will hurt the speed of widespread implementation.

  • Scott Blyth

    I would have to agree with the article’s guess at US only being a cautious move to try out at home first. I see no other reason for it not to be supported in every country that supports Apple Pay – unless due to local banking regulations. For Apple to be holding your money – they may have to be apply to be considered a bank of sorts. Though since they already offer financing in Canada, I would not expect it to be much of a hurdle here. As for CC fees – fund your transfers from a debit card instead.

  • Cornfed710

    Who pays the fee Gary?

  • Cornfed710

    I just need MNBA to hurry up with ?Pay

  • I was mistaken, the user pays the fee. I thought I had read at one point they offered free transfers via credit card.

  • Agreed

  • Cornfed710

    Makes sense, I’m sure ? will charge a similar fee.

  • Fire and Mirth

    When it says “will be available in the US” what does it actually mean?
    Will it be limited by geolocation, or by your iTunes Store account / stored debit cards?
    If I have a US iTunes account and US debit card, can I use Apple Pay even still?

  • Tony

    Apple’s financing in Canada is offered by TD, it’s just branded Apple.