Apple Scaling Down ‘Project Titan,’ Its Self-Driving Technology Project


Hundreds of employees of Apple‘s secret automotive project, dubbed Project Titan, have reportedly been laid off, reassigned, or left of their own accord in recent months, according to a new report from Bloomberg.


The tech giant is reportedly scaling back plans to build a car, and the team responsible for the project has been given until late next year to prove the feasibility of the self-driving automotive system they have been working on.

The automotive project has reportedly suffered a change in management, and is now apparently refocusing its efforts towards creating an autonomous driving software rather than developing its own vehicle entirely.

The change in strategy comes after months of internal issues, including strategy disagreements, leadership change, and supply chain challenges.

Apple isn’t the only tech company shifting efforts towards the automotive industry. Alphabet Inc.’s Google is also attempting to make the move towards automotive technology, though it too has seen difficulties in the sector and has sought partners in its endeavour.

Apart from the companies themselves, investors are wary of the projects as well. Technology investors are generally used to seeing wide profit margins, while those of automakers rarely ascend past the ten percent margin.

“For a quality Apple-branded car they could probably get a healthy margin,” said Eric Paul Dennis, an analyst at the Centre for Automotive Research. “They probably weren’t willing to compromise on quality issues” as it could harm the reputation of their other consumer products, Dennis added.

Was anyone excited to see what came of Project Titan? Could it all have just been a pipe dream?



  • Shameer Mulji

    sounds like they’re shifting from doing the whole widget to doing just the software – IOW a CarPlay on steroids. As much as I would’ve liked to see an Apple-branded car, this is a good thing.

  • Tim

    Self driving software is not inline with Apple’s talents. This tech requires people who are good at making smart algorithmic software that has bang-on interpretation capabilities. Google’s been doing this with search (and now cars) for years. Apple makes nice hardware and pretty interfaces to go with their hardware, but they’re not the kind of company that makes powerful, intelligent backend software. Just look at how stupid Siri is. With the car, I thought they’d succeed on the basis of their industrial design talents. I suspect they’ll fail if they’re going to try and win on making self driving software.