New Apple TV Orders Go Live in Canada, Starts at $199 [u]



If you want to buy an Apple TV, now is the time: as promised by Tim Cook, the company has started accepting orders for the all-new Apple TV (4th generation). You can choose between either the 32GB version, which retails for $199 (CAD), or the 64GB version. However, the latter will cost you $269 (CAD). By comparison, you’ll pay $149 and $199 respectively in the US.

In addition to the new set-top-box, you can buy an AppleCare protection plan for $29, offering access to two years from the original purchase date to Apple’s (award-winning) telephone technical support and repair coverage.

You’ll also need an HDMI-to-HDMI cable (if you buy it from the Apple it’s $25; is $6 each!), because in the box you’ll get the Apple TV 4, a Siri Remote, a Lightning-to-USB cable and power lead.

Apple also sells the Siri Remote separately for $99 (CAD), a Remote Loop for $17 and the SteelSeries Nimbus wireless gaming controller for $64.95. All accessories, as well as the Apple TV 4, are available to shipping in 3-5 business days.

Apple Canada informed us via email Siri features do not support Canadian French at launch, for those wondering.


  • Widohmaker

    Got my order in at 9:03 AM EDT for a 64GB model. Delivery between Nov 2-4.

  • Gary Bowen

    Got my 64GB order in ten minutes after release. Delivery November 4th-6th.

    $269 CAD seems reasonable based upon the USD exchange rate.

  • Corey Beazer

    “You’ll also need an HDMI-to-HDMI cable that will cost $25, because in the box you’ll get the Apple TV 4, a Siri Remote, a Lightning-to-USB cable and power lead.”

    Not sure why that line is there? You could just say you need a HDMI cable (I get mine for $5)

    Looking forward to picking one of these up!

  • Parksy

    I ordered the 32GB model but am now second guessing my plan. Thinking I should have gone 64. That said, I have a 64GB iPad and 64GB iPhone and they are rarely full to capacity (only when travelling).

  • mxmgodin

    Do you have any information concerning which Canadian apps will be available at launch? Some are listed on Apple’s website, but no say on if they’ll be available right away.
    I’m thinking mostly about CraveTV, Shomi, TMN GO and/or HBO Go Canada (which weren’t available on the old Apple TV, sadly had to AirPlay, but I’m crossing my fingers for this one), Radio-Canada’s TouTV, and most of the main channels own apps (City, Global, CTV, etc.)…

  • bionicmonk

    I got 2-4th of Nov. Some Amuricans are getting them on the 30th! *shakes fist*

  • I’ve been wondering if I need the 64GB model. I’m thinking I probably only need it if I’m planning to do a lot of gaming, which I’m probably not. With other Apple products, I tend to go for the most space. My iPhone is 128GB and I use most of it, but that’s mostly for photos, videos and music that I’ll be able to stream with the Apple TV and won’t need to store on it.

    Can anyone else think of a reason to need 64GB other than games?

  • mxmgodin

    Same here. I’m not planning on gaming much on the Apple TV (I have a PS4 for a reason, after all). As most apps will use streaming for most of my media consumption (music, TV, movies, etc.), I don’t really see a need for the 64 GB model either.

  • It will most likely depend whether these companies update their apps in time and they are approved by Apple. We asked Apple what features would be unavailable in Canada at launch and aside from the regular georestricted content, they told us Siri for Canadian French.

  • Salinger

    Also on the same fence. Like you say, streaming most movies/tv shows and maybe the occasional game. I’m not sure the extra $70 is worth it. I’m probably going to go with the 32GB as well.

  • Widohmaker

    Longevity. Cost per GB comes down. The last Apple TV is the single Apple product that has delivered the best bang for the buck given how long I’ve had it and used it. The App store is another reason. Don’t want to take the risk of running out of space as apps proliferate.

  • faythebest

    I went for the 32GB model as well. I think that is enough even if I am planning to install lots of games. The size of a tvOS game could be around 4GB. And I can stream other stuff. Looking forward to have it next week. Some of our neighbours will get them this Friday. Cheers

  • erth

    i did as well (nov 2-4). we will see.

  • Anthony

    Only if you pay for the faster shipping method. The standard free shipping is Nov 2-4 in America.

  • Appnishad

    Ordered mine 32GB Ships delivery 2nd-4th nov

  • erth

    ordered the 64gb, states nov 2-4. now, apple pay in canada please….

  • Bafoon

    Given the release latency between different versions, I won’t be surprised if we don’t see the next big update come out in 2 years.

    In the interim there is a whole new word of apps and stores being opened to cater to this device. The 200MB download limit is really something that can (and probably will) be changed at any time.

    Buying a 64 just seems to future-proof yourself.

  • Michal

    hmmm how do you guys figure $269 is reasonable ?
    nexus player, firetv, roku, chromecast, atv2/3 all a fraction of that price.
    heck, you could probably get all of them for that in total.

    ps4/xbone is close in price, if you’re into games.

    just curious 🙂

  • Bafoon

    thats just the way the launches work, typically pre orders are delivered on launch date – I’d imagine we’ll get ours later this week or early early next

  • Bafoon

    absolutely no info on this. Hear some rumors about Plex being ready on launch date. But nothing else out there…

  • Bafoon

    while I can’t claim to know the big plans Apple has for the future. I’d be very surprised if it didn’t entail some sort of a PVR/View-It-Later feature. Where you just queue your various content on your watch list- and the content just continually gets downloaded ready to stream as your move down the queue.

    IF, this feature is forthcoming (especially with the universal search already there) – then this is a BIG reason to have 64GB

  • Bafoon

    also – remember with the OS and other “hidden” space consumption, a 32GB will likely only have about 25-27GB of free space…

  • TheLostVancouverite

    Any idea if Best Buy will be carrying this anytime soon? I’ve got a $100 gift card burning a hole in my pocket with nothing else in that store which interests me…

  • Bafoon

    anyone else see that beats wireless (bluetooth) is being advertised as an accessory. Does this mean we potentially get wireless audio – if so HOLY @#!@#!

  • Widohmaker

    He’s comparing US$ Apple TV price to C$ Apple TV price. Not to other products. Nice try though.

  • Dan

    Do you know if these are available in store?

  • Bradley Smith

    I ordered at 830am Pacific and got Nov 5-9 as a delivery estimate, yet tons of others are still getting the earlier window. (Delivery to downtown Vancouver)

  • I ordered ‘late’ at 6:30AM PDT and got the same delivery window by the time my confirmation email came through. But knowing Apple, this may change to an earlier timeframe, hopefully.

  • Stephan

    It’s weird they didn’t include an HDMI cable like they did with previous Apple TV’s (that sold for less).

  • Stephan

    What’s the Lightning to USB cable for?

  • To charge the new remote

  • Parksy

    I ordered just prior to 9:30EST (confirmation email came at 9:32EST) and my window is Nov 2nd to 4th. I live in Southern Ontario.

  • mxmgodin

    Yup, it’ll be compatible with wireless Bluetooth headphones (according to the September Engadget article I just looked up).

  • erth

    the date may be determined by which one you ordered. if everyone is ordering the 32 gb, then the date would be later.

  • Marc Sigouin

    They do not include HDMI in Apple TV’s I got one a few weeks ago.

  • Salinger

    I would say it won’t be too long before you’ll see it in Best Buy. It’s not like the iPhone, or even iPad where initial inventories will sell out quickly and be on backorder almost immediately.

    I think this will be popular, but not so much so that people will be waiting months, or even weeks, for retailers (other than Apple) to get stock in.

    I’d definitely hang on for a bit if I was in your situation.

  • Widohmaker

    Apple TV never came with an HDMI cable.

  • Salinger

    In the end, I went with the 64GB. I had the 32 GB in my shopping cart but I figured, this isn’t something I’ll be upgrading every year or two like a phone. I’m sure 32GB is plenty now, but who knows down the road if this thing takes off.

    I didn’t really intend to spend $300 on this thing, but I hedged my bet to future proof a little. Either a wise move, or I just threw away $70+ dollars. I guess only time will tell. 🙂

    Ordered at 11:15am EDT this morning and got Nov 2-4 delivery time-frame.

  • Bradley Smith

    Sounds like our packages will be arriving in the east and then going ground to BC. That’s the only explanation I have for new orders still getting the earlier window for both sizes.

  • Bradley Smith

    Where do you live? In the East?

  • Cody Woodward

    I as well max out my Apple products storage space, but this time I went 32GB. My way of thinking is that I don’t game that often and probably won’t game much on the Apple TV. I’m hoping if they release a TV sub it doesn’t consume most of the space or any, but I’m gambling that it 1. Won’t be released in Canada at launch and 2. There will be a 4K version released in another 2 years or so and by then I’ll have figured out if I need more than 32GB’s.

  • Dario Sycco

    I’m going to wait closer to Christmas before I order one. I want to see the Canadian reviews. Kinda tired of paying more and getting less.

  • xxxJDxxx

    What are the advantages to this new Apple TV over the old Apple TV?

  • Salinger

    Downtown Toronto. The 32GB was showing the same delivery date when I ordered. Just checked and both are still showing the Nov 2-4 delivery window. They must be coming through the Concord, ON depot, if you’re getting a couple of days later out west. That’s the only thing that makes sense. It doesn’t appear to be a supply issue.

  • Michael Skinner

    Has anyone seen a confirmation that Plex is coming to the ATV4 with certainty?

  • Alex


  • Just a fan of iphoneincanada

    Didn’t realize they had expedited shipping for the ATV (iPhones, etc normally do not). Phone Apple support and asked to upgrade so I could get this a few days earlier. Not only did they upgrade to expedited shipping but they waived the extra charge. Way to go Apple!!

  • f1ght3r

    I’ll wait until there’s a jailbreak for it.

  • Parksy

    Understandable but your concerns are easily alleviated by using the US App Store and a good DNS blocker. I’ve got a good arrangement with a buddy in the US. He provides me with his Comcast Username and Password and I give him my Rogers one so he can access Rogers GameCentre Live. It’s a win/win for both of us.