Apple VP Phil Schiller: Apple’s Brand Was Tarnished By Samsung



Last year, a jury found Samsung had infringed on Apple’s patents, awarding Apple about $1.05 billion. Lucy Koh, a U.S. District judge, said the jury made a mistake in calculating about $450 million of the damages and soon after ordered a retrial of the case.

The Wall Street Journal reports, Apple’s vice president of product marketing, Phil Schiller, took the stand on Friday in court for a second time this week. Apple’s lead attorney asked him what his reaction was when he first say the Samsung Galaxy S, Schiller said:

“I was quite shocked. They went and copied the iPhone.”

Schiller says that the presence of a device that looks similar to theirs “weakens the view that the world has for Apple.” This causes consumers to question Apple’s innovation and design skills, something Apple is not used to.

Phil Schiller

During the week, Phil Schiller was in court testifying in the retrial of the damages award in Apple’s patent-infringement case against Samsung. Friday was Schiller’s final testimony in court.

Apple has said it deserves at least $380 million of the damages. On the other hand, Samsung only things they should pay Apple $52 million.

“Apple doesn’t own a patent on a product being beautiful or sexy. Isn’t that correct?” asked Price. “Apple doesn’t own the right to preclude the design of this hardware,” said the lawyer, holding up a Samsung tablet.

“I don’t know which Samsung devices are allowed to copy our devices and which ones aren’t,” said Schiller. When asked if Samsung had the right to sell a 10-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab that Price was holding up, Schiller responded: “It looks like an iPad.”

Price also revealed an email between Apple executives urging the company to develop a smaller size iPad. Apple later developed what we now know as the iPad mini, releasing their second-generation with Retina display just a few days ago.

Schiller said that releasing the iPad mini had nothing to do with competitors making smaller tablets. It was meant as an experiment to see if they could keep the same aspects found in the original iPad.

On Thursday, Schiller took the stand to talk about the iPhone, you can read all about it here.


  • WestCoastStar

    Clearly Samsung wanted to copy Apple and did a lousy job. Sad that people who bought a Samsung device believe Apple’s are the same.

  • Chrome262

    they have this huge Samsung section in best buy now, trying so desperately to sell the device, and the, funny thing its nest to the apple selection and its always empty, People know its a copy.

  • kbakken

    Just like how Apple is now copying other companies? Like multiple color offerings,and numerous other features.

    Like seriously, patenting a “rectangle with rounded corners”. Seriously?!?

    Apple started this age of litigation, because they can no longer innovate. They are no longer the industry leaders and their sales come primarily from previous customers and Apple fanboys. Each release by them is an iterative update at best.

  • Hidden

    The phone is almost twice in size, says Samsung on the front and back, is different in color and feel and runs Android. If people think that’s an apple product then they don’t have the intelligence to own a smartphone and should go back to landlines.

  • Bill Elliot

    Empty? Copy? Your comments shows how clueless you are.

  • itsonlyme

    I bought Samsung because I didn’t want apple. Saying they copied is like saying Panasonic copied RCA when it comes to TVs.. Rectangular has numbers shows a picture.. The court order is just typical American protectionism… In the long run America will lose out because of there attitude

  • Chrome262

    Clueless? sure I just don’t notice that on a saturday, when Best Buy is packed with shoppers (Eaton centre downtown), and the only place you can go and find an island of calm is the Samsung section where there is no one there. You can play with any device you want to, because everyone is either over at the Apple section or the gaming center. Hell there are more people looking at printers then at any Samsung products. There is nothing new there.

  • ac

    Everything made in China is copied….Everything…’d have to be an idiot to thing your tech wouldn’t be coped

  • Hank

    To me, Samsung on gadgets is like Hyundai on automobiles. They both have something in common. Their products surely look like this brand and that brand. It does not take an adult to notice this. Even my kids would point out “Hey dad, that car looks like a Honda”. A Lexus, BMW, Acura, etc. So goes with gadgets. Is it a cultural thing for companies like Samsung and Hyundai?

  • FragilityG4

    Read the 173 page internal memo of Samsung telling their design team how to make their phone better reflect the iPhone … They point out everything including icon colours and angles etc … You should have a different opinion of this obvious copy.

    Also check out Dysons case against Samsung for … Yup copying their vacuum … This isn’t an isolated incident … That’s why they were convicted.

  • proplayer44

    Then why are more Samsung phones sold?

  • Jacob

    I’m sure it’s also packed with people who voted Rob Ford as Mayor. I suppose Toronto is known for making the right choices in leadership, huh?

  • genk

    racist anti-korean much?

  • Hank

    No racism nor harm meant. It is just a general observation.

  • China =/= Korea.

  • Cassandra Reddemann Pollock

    I was a loyal apple customer but now I have a Samsung & won’t go back cuz it has so many more & better features that Apple actually doesn’t even come close to being viable next to the tech break through by Apple so really yo say Samsung copied Apple is completely ludicrous if you ask me Apple has a lot of catching up to do if it doesn’t want to the way of blackberry as irrelevant