Apple Watch Orders Pegged at 1 Million in the U.S., Led by Entry Sport Model


On the first day of availability Apple received an estimated 957,000 Apple Watch pre-orders in the US alone, Slice Intelligence say. The data is based on e-receipt data from a panel of 2 million online shoppers.

According to ereceipt data from a panel of two million online shoppers, each Apple Watch buyer ordered an average of 1.3 watches, spending $503.83 per watch. Those ordering an Apple Watch Sport spent $382.83 per watch and those ordering the Apple Watch spent $707.04.

Apple watch preorders

As expected, the most popular Apple Watch was the Sport model, which is the entry-level wearable, starting at $449 (CAD) and $519 (CAD). Also, 71% of consumers went with the larger 42 mm case. It is interesting to note here, that the percentage of Sport buyers opting for the smaller 38 mm version was higher, 32%, compared to the 24% of buyers opting for the stainless-steel Apple Watch model.

A non-scientific poll had already suggested and the Slice Intelligence data corroborates that the most popular case is the Space Grey aluminum one (the choice of Phil Schiller by the way): 40% of buyers went with this option. The Black Sport Band turned out to be a favourite: 49% of overall buyers went with that version.

Apple watch preorders 01

As it turns out, a 72% majority Apple Watch buyers have purchased an Apple product in the past two years (it’s likely they have bought an iPhone, because you need one to make it work), and 21% pre-ordered an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus about a month ago, the Slice Intelligence report reads.


  • OliChabot

    Now, where are all the haters who predicted a failure from Apple’s part…

  • Al

    Some analysts predicted over 40 million. The lowest was 8. My own prediction was 6 million. Soooo… How exactly are you considering such a small number as 1 million to be a positive thing?

  • einsteinbqat

    At launch? That is rather optimistic. In a quarter, semester, or year, perhaps. 40 million watches at launch, way over reaching.

  • Jason Reid

    Also thats just US. What about the other countries.

  • Al

    The IPC article didn’t clarify that. So, to put it in a real world perspective, 10 million iPhone 6 were sold at launch. And there’s what… 400 million active iPhone users at present? If that’s correct then .0025% of iPhone users bought a watch. That’s REALLY far from the double-digits that people had predicted.

    (I’m still waiting for someone to state the obvious here)

  • Al

    You’re right. Considering the likely percentage of allocation, the few other countries combined may have brought that up to 2 million worldwide (I’m guessing).

  • GC

    I hope you’re trolling Al.
    Wonder what % of those 400 million actually have a 5 or newer (needed to
    use with apple watch), not to mention that they don’t all live in countries where pre-orders are available.. and not like that number is really much of a factor
    How many pre-orders did the original iPhone have? New-spectrum tech will always take a little longer to catch on. That’s part of anything cutting edge.
    Your said “analysts” were SO far off goes to show how little they knew about the market and are probably really bad at their jobs.
    The fact that Apple is sold out for months because of pre-orders that people are more than willing to pay & wait for is hardly indicative of a failed launch.

  • Al

    I’m just tossing out a few examples that should be considered, in order to convey a point. The point being, that with only 1 million units sold, the original post was just a really dumb thing to say. Further, I don’t think I have heard/seen anyone say that the Apple Watch would fail. I, for one, have just been questioning the intelligence of those willing to pay for it at this early stage.

  • GC

    You seem to think the LAUNCH is a failure (all that is said in original post), due to numbers not living up to your own projected expectations.
    “Only 1 million”, is over a half-billion $ in one-day sales and we all know Apples profits are huge on their hardware. Share holders are not losing anything at all here, and everyone has gained plenty.
    Furthermore, why attack the intelligence of everyone who pre-ordered? You question the intelligence of everyone of em?
    That’s just silly.
    People have different reasons to buy ANYTHING, some because they want to try out the newest Apple product after years of great Apple experiences in the past, some will buy it as a status-symbol like many do with jewelry, cars, etc.
    Whatever their reasons might be, so long as their purchase makes them happy, I’d hardly consider their intelligence questionable.
    We should all do things that make us happy 🙂
    Retail purchases are a personal choice, not necessarily one made to try and convey the idea that one is more or less intelligent than you or anyone else.

    All in all, if you don’t want an apple watch don’t buy it. If you bought one and you dont like it, bring it back.


  • Al

    Nope. You completely missed my point. Sorry if I didn’t convey it properly.

    When you look at the big picture, selling only 1 million units of this product at launch is pretty minimal and is extremely shy of expectations. And with such a long wait for future availability, indications are strong that people will just pass on it this year.

    So my entire point is really simple… To say “where are all the haters who predicted a failure”… is a pretty f’n ridiculous thing to say.

  • OliChabot

    You do realize that the Original iPad sold 10 million units in 90 days ?! The Watch sold about a million, in a day, IN A COUNTRY ! Anyone saying that those sales figures are bad are either haters or trolls. If i’m correct, Samsung haven’t even sold more than a million Galaxy Geat watch since their launch !

    I am assuming the total numbers of Apple Watch sales in the whole weekend will be about 4 to 5 million worldwide, which is amazing for a first generation device that is actually more of an accessory than a personnal computer/device.

  • GC

    Ok so getting back to that,

    you said:

    “Some analysts predicted over 40 million. The lowest was 8. My own
    prediction was 6 million. Soooo… How exactly are you considering such a
    small number as 1 million to be a positive thing?”

    Again though, obviously, said expectations were bad.
    Not the launch.
    Minimal is not the word to use for 1,000,000 units of a +$500 accessory for a phone that cost $1000 at most (probably less on contract, making the watch more expensive than the device its meant to work with) . That’s 1 day. Well over a half-billion $CAD. For a product hardly anyone had even seen in person. How is that not good enough to be considered a successful launch?

    You say “big picture” and “only 1 million”.
    How many US iphones are 5 or newer, with owners who might be interested in this tech, can afford it, and are willing to try it out without ever seeing one in person?
    I’d say that surely you must be familiar with these numbers if you are able to make predictions, however you admit yourself that your own numbers were wildly in-accurate.

    As far as you claiming people will avoid the watch altogether this year because of it being sold out for months to come, thats the same sour-puss attitude that some people have towards any apple launch product that they couldn’t get as fast as they had initially hoped. Which is sad, and quite often they change their tune as soon as the product actually becomes available to them too. Based on your previous predictions, I’d say you’re probably off on that too.

  • Al

    Now you’re just being argumentative through the use of irrelevant references, speculation and self-justification. Again… to avoid the “point”. I’m not restating it again.

  • Al

    You’re being argumentative through the use of irrelevant references, totally unrealistic speculation and self-justification. It’s so difficult to have an intelligent discussion on here when I’m dealing with people who are closed minded and only want to justify their own reasoning.

  • GC

    Al, you’ve missed (ignored?) a lot of my own “points” I’m not arguing for the sake of doing so, you and I disagree and we’re both explaining our view(s) to each other.

    Welcome to the internet.

    You dont address any of my points, while stating, and re-stating your own wildly wrong opinion.

    I think you’re full of it. 😛

  • “One does not simply…argue with AI on and win an argument.” -Ned Stark

  • GC



  • GC

    “One does not simply combine two memes.” -Ned Stark

  • OliChabot

    Where is the close mind ? I do aggree that the Apple Watch is not the MOST useful product out there, and that it is certainly not for everyone, but there is indeed a market for it and it will last. I am giving you facta from Apple ITSELF who declared the stats I am posting ; it is not unrealistic nor irrelevant. You just seem to think that just because YOU don’t believe in the Apple Watch it will not succeed, altough we are having a lot of proof that it is going to be a hit, just like the iPhone and the iPad.

  • OliChabot

    Couldn’t aggree more.

  • Al

    I never said that you f’n moron. Jesus f’n Christ, I can’t f’n believe how f’n moronic these idiots are. Just rambling totally irrelevant and false shit.

  • wongnog

    Jeezus Al can’t you tell that nobody else on the board understands your point or agrees with your position?

    Take your figures for example. What are your sources for the prediction of 40 million units or 8 million units on launch day? This article predicts 8 million units by end of 2015, and 40 million units by 2017:

  • Al

    Great… someone else choosing to comment by only selectively reading what they want to argue about, instead of focusing on the point I was trying to make.

    Fine… to address your concern… I’ll restate WHAT I ALREADY SAID…. I’m going by an IPIC article which didn’t specify if those numbers were at launch or for a year. It really doesn’t matter, considering those types of numbers, as you just have to look at it relative to the year and my simple point is still made. Refer to my real world scenario that I talked about.

    Note: I just dug deeper to check the source article. It’s for the remainder of this year. With all estimates averaged, it works out to 2.5 million per month. So, with a geek-centric device such as the Watch, the initial release would yield the biggest sales period (it should greatly exceed the average for the year). As such, selling only 1 million units on launch day, in the country that would have the largest allocation, is a friggin’ disaster.

    Source article that the IPIC article referenced:

  • Dave
  • Al

    Sorry, but I couldn’t get past the first sentence after reading… “but you sell so many that orders take more than a month to ship”. Clearly written by an uninformed fanboy. Productions were low, so of course many orders were going to be delayed. That doesn’t make it a success. It makes it a product that is not being produced at a rate as was initially intended. Therefore, that mindless article has nothing to do with anything involving common sense… AND this STILL remains unrelated to the POINT I was making!!

    You people are so set in trying to argue with me, you ignore the fact that all I was doing was trying to make a very simple, little point.

  • Al

    1. Launch is when most will buy. Sales will be relatively minimal now until inventory is strengthened. And when that happens, don’t expect much.

    2. BFD! You’re splitting hairs. It’s a fucking launch period.

    3. What’s your point? And what does the referenced article have to do with anything. No where does it mention what you referenced regarding iPhone 6.

    4. Oh look… You fucking missed the POINT… AGAIN!!!!

    The people yapping on here don’t agree with me simply for the sake of not agreeing with me. No, you fucking tool… You DO NOT get the simple point. Even though I’ve spelled it out repeatedly. None … I repeat… NONE of what you have written is relevant.

    I’m so done trying to deal with the brain dead morons here.

  • Dave

    Lol Al just doesn’t get it.
    Sorry Al. Didn’t think you’d be so stubborn about this, but you’re the one who’s out of touch here. Hope you can get over it.

  • wongnog

    Buh-bye Al! Can’t say any of us will miss you…

  • WheredAlGo

    Kinda funny how he deleted his account after tucking his tail between his legs.
    I enjoyed the comments here.