Apple Working on Fix for Western Digital Data Loss Disaster On OS X Mavericks



Western Digital is well known for making internal and external hard drives for your PC or Mac. A newly found bug in OS X Mavericks is wiping out data stored on some Western Digital external drives. Even though the occurrence rate of this happening is very low, Western Digital has confirmed that they are working with Apple to resolve the issue.

Western Digital is warning customers that if they had WD software on their Mac and then upgraded to Mavericks they can lose the data stored on their external drives.

Western Digital has confirmed to ComputerWorld, in most cases:

“Should this occur, the data on the product can likely be recovered with a third party software utility if the customer stops using the device immediately after the OS X Mavericks upgrade.”

Take this with a grain of salt because no third-party software can guarantee that your data can be recovered.


Western Digital says that the problem comes only when a very specific set of conditions are met.

“WD has been tracking this issue closely through our WD Forum and through our Technical Support hotline and the occurrence rate of this event has been very low. A specific set of conditions and timing sequences between the OS and the WD software utilities has to occur to cause this issue.”

WD is asking users to uninstall WD Drive Manager, WD Raid Manager, and/or WD SmartWare from their Macs before they upgrade to Mavericks. This precaution should be taken to try and avoid the potential problem of your data being erased after the update.

If you have already upgraded to Mavericks and are experiencing difficulty in accessing your external hard drive, please do not save anything to the drive, disconnect the drive from your computer, and contact Western Digital Customer Service at, the company said.

Lou Desiderio, Synergy Communications President, also confirmed that WD is working directly with Apple to try and resolve the issue.

Whether you have or haven’t been affected by this bug, please ensure that you remove WD’s software and wait for a final fix to be issued.

Let us know if you have experienced this issue in the comment section below.


  • Me

    Having no idea of this bug after upgrading, I can no longer access or backup to WD Studio from my macairbook. WD tech help were cluless

  • Doh…that sucks.

  • gerry

    I just drag and drop. No software required.

  • Air

    I would potentially have lost 50,000 photos and videos if my backup strategy hadn’t been in place. I resolved the issue before reading your article, but had to restore completely from backup. I had also reinstalled the WD software. Now I’m worried it will happen again…

  • TSS

    I use my WD external hard drive for mac as backup using Time Machine on my mbp retina, should I be worried?

  • Sandy Andrew Balde Baldwin

    I have 10 WD drives connected to my MBP and haven’t had a single issue. But I never use WD software, that is the first thing that I had always deleted from the hard drive after connecting. As far as I can remember they haven’t included it on the drives for awhile now, unless it is second nature for me to delete automatically.

  • Amar

    do not upgrade to mavericks if you have a western digital studio external drive.
    My external drive was a 6tb version and was in a raid 1 configuration. After installing to mavericks I had nothing. All gone. 400 film which I had ripped myself, took me forever to do, gone. The worst thing is that the system has 2 mirrored internal drives so I had everything doubled but they’ve both gone. The system can’t see any info. Even if I now plug the drive into another computer, its the same problem, no info.
    Do not buy a western digital product, ever. If they could not be bothered to connect their products to a new software version to test, it means, they could not be bothered.
    They obviously don’t take pride in their products or company anymore…….SAD….

  • wow…that is sad to hear 🙁

  • bazzmazz

    After upgrading to mavericks could not mount my
    RAID WD drives – cannot tell whether hardware has been damaged and files irretrievably lost waiting on WD to stop saying it has happened to very few and start putting a solution together

  • Mike Whalley

    This has happened to 3 of my drives now, the last one a full 3TB backup. I am so frustrated and do not want to run Data Rescue and end up with thousands of unnamed audio and video files.