Apple’s BeatsX Earphones Release Date Now “Coming in February”


After surprising everyone this morning by launching AirPods in time for Christmas, Apple has updated their website to indicate BeatsX Earphones will be available in early 2017, noting “Coming February” as the timeline.

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Yesterday, American electronics retailer B&H claimed BeatsX Earphones were delayed “at least 2-3 months”, and today’s update on Apple’s website appears to confirm that timeline.

BeatsX Earphones will retail for $179.95 in Canada and come with 8 hours of battery life.

BeatsX, along with Beats Solo3 and Powerbeats3 headphones all support Apple’s new W1 chip (also in AirPods), which makes for easy pairing, fast charging and extended battery life, according to the company.


  • Salinger

    What’s going on with Apple’s wireless tech?! First the delay in the Airpods, and now this. Definitely seems to be some problem?

    These were announced in September and they gave themselves a pretty wide berth release window of “Autumn”. That gave them until, officially, December 20 and still be on target. Now they’re at least another two months beyond that?! And missing the holiday season as well, which, for this type of product, is a huge miss. Something is definitely going on.

  • KS

    BeatsX delay is less a problem more a strategy. If AirPods and BeatsX – both with the W1 chip – go on sale simultaneously, it is much more likely that people would rather prefer the BeatsX over the former after comparing the sound quality of both the earphones. (I’m waiting for the BeatsX too, impatiently since I got my iPhone 7)

    Almost every reviewer who got a chance to review the AirPods concurred that they do not better the sound quality of Apple’s EarPods, which if fine if your earphones cost $35 but not fine for some if they’re spending $219.

  • Salinger

    Perhaps, but not sure how sound a strategy if so. To miss out on the holiday shopping season when the airpods are already sold out ’till after Christmas? That is one bizarre strategy. Surely they would have thought of this before just a few days ago? They knew how behind their AirPods were.

  • KS

    I think Christmas season is the reason why this is a sound strategy. By postponing the launch of BeatsX, Apple is in a way cutting the options, thus directing majority of prospective holiday buyers towards their flagship earphones.

    This also helps in keeping at bay the inevitable comparison of which one is better. They wouldn’t want user-videos popping up on YouTube comparing AirPods with BeatsX and concluding BeatsX are better. (Real-world users’ reviews are often more accurate than the tech bloggers who even failed to mention the sound issue which led to AirPods’ delay.)

    AirPods bear their name, so a solo launch will play all the hype and publicity in their favour. Beats, on the other hand, despite being owned by Apple, can afford to have slower sales.

  • Salinger

    …except their Airpods aren’t available for Christmas except to the very few lucky (unlucky?) people who got in on pre-orders in the first hour or so. Your hypothesis also assumes people are only going to see two options for earphones, they aren’t. There are a myriad of choices, even in the Apple Store.

    The thought that Apple would push back a major product release by months just so that YouTube videos wouldn’t compare them with another of their products or to try and funnel them to buy a single alternative product instead? I don’t buy it, not for a second.

    No matter when Air Pods come out, no matter what other earphones are available or not, they’re always going to be reviewed and criticized online and everywhere else. In fact, we should be seeing that very soon and I’m sure will they’ll be compared with all manner of earphones, especially non-Apple ones. Somehow I think Apple would prefer seeing two of their products compared side by side rather than one and a competitor’s and having the competitor’s shown as superior.

    I don’t for a moment think it’s a strategy at all. I’ve not read a single blog or tech reporter who thought that either; they all point to some, as yet unknown, mass production issue. Given the delay in the Air Pods, that seems a far more reasonable conclusion. If it is a strategy, it’s an extremely poor one that does nothing other than make Apple look incompetent and unreliable.