BlackBerry CEO John Chen Calls iPhone Users “Wall Huggers”



From the moment Apple introduced the iPhone, BlackBerry has been struggling to keep up in the smartphone market. The Waterloo-based company tried to regain some of the smartphone market with BlackBerry 10, which we can safely say did not work out very well.

BlackBerry has been holding on to its devices with physical QWERTY keyboards because they believe their customers still look for that in a smartphone. In November of 2013, John Chen assumed the CEO position replacing Thorsten Heins. Chen has proved that he is not afraid of talking a little bit of trash about other companies because he believes that he can turn BlackBerry around. Chen said:

“I wanted to do something where I could wake up every day and worry, and I have fulfilled my dream.”

Earlier this week, Chen spoke at the Oasis Montgomery conference, where he was asked about the iPhone’s popularity. The CEO quickly responded saying iPhone users are constantly searching for power outlets because their iPhone’s battery can’t even last one full day. He said:

“I call you guys wall huggers.”

The future of BlackBerry is not certain. Currently, the company is trying to push BBM, bring the popular messaging app to iOS and Android, but a messaging app may not be enough to save BlackBerry.

On Tuesday, it was reported that BlackBerry is testing sponsored posts and advertisements in BBM. Do you think BBM is enough to keep BlackBerry afloat?

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  • 350Zed

    And what does he call people who find it acceptable that they have to remove their battery and hard-boot their Blackberry once a day?

  • Aleksa Stanojevic

    innovative 😉

  • Nick


  • wahwah

    Give it a rest chen-do-li. While not currently an iPhone user, I’d take the usual daily (or is that nightly) charging of my great phone over a crappy boring useless blackberry and day and twice on Sundays, and so will 99.9% if the market. So, get over yourself and your beliefs that you can change blackberrys fate. You can’t. You won’t.

  • Ari

    Sorry? Most of us have jobs. When I’m at work, I “work” which means that I don’t call, text or email much while I’m at work on my phone.

    My iPhone seems to last me 2 or more days. Maybe people who work part time have enough time each day to use up their battery but I consider myself as unreachable 9-5 by people outside of work except for emergencies.

  • gtasscarlo

    Coming from the guy who says 50% chance of BB failing. Does he know when to keep his mouth shut, or he just rambles the first thing that comes to mind.

  • I think the reason so many iPhone users need to constantly re-charge their battery is because they’re actually using their phones all the time.

    If I had a Blackberry, it would only be used for phone calls, texting and checking emails, but I’d keep those experiences as short as possible. With my iPhone, I find myself getting lost in checking social networks, watching videos, playing games. Perhaps that’s not a great thing, but it explains why my battery is always in need of recharging.

  • Zack

    lol you sound like such a loser

  • Ari

    I hope you are not doing that while at work. I get paid salary so I want to waste as little time as possible and get out the door as fast as possible. I can do all of that “social networking” or playing games at the end of the day on my way home or only my way to work.

    Time outside of work is important to me. Other people have different interests but I’d rather spend less time at work.

  • Haters gonn’ hate. don’t hate

  • joe

    Give it up and get off your pedestal man.

    I didn’t click on this article to read about your so important and managed life, jesus.

  • rye?

    I never touch my blackberry phone that’s why it lasts for 3 days. Very unlikely.

  • Ari

    Is your name Joe, Zack or Jesus? I’m confused. If you don’t care, why did you bother to write the reply? Do you get how this works, I get an email when you write a reply.

    Is it really so hard to just ignore my comment?

  • Techy101

    Haha that’s so true!

  • AppleFan

    Very very very unlikely that he will change anything.

  • steven_bauman_7

    Is this a joke? I’ve had 2 blackberry Z 10s and they lasted 5-6 hours!

  • steven_bauman_7

    Relax Ari lol

  • steven_bauman_7

    I want to disagree but unfortunately I think your right, it’s too difficult to recover a sinking ship

  • guest

    Why so many get so fired up when posting stuff? Reason’s why I chose to post less in a forum lol.

  • guest

    I’m just happy that battery doesn’t drain like crazy on stand by mode like some android phones does.

  • sfsfs

    The irony is that “Wall-Hugger” is a term for people who are too afraid to go for things (i.e. someone standing against the wall instead of participating). Meanwhile, BB users are often people who are comfortable with their device and don’t want to switch.

  • M F


  • bradg17

    Couldn’t agree more

  • bradg17

    I’m gonna hate Gary, that guy is being a jerk for no reason!

  • 9-5-phoneuser

    Because no one on salary uses email to conduct business deals. No one uses a phone to make business deals. Perhaps in your “shoe shine” salary your not required to make contact with other people. I make millions of dollars in transactions annually simply because I can make deals quickly and am accessible to clients. I can do this because of my phone. Not sure why you think everyone who uses their phone between 9-5 is wasting time. Once you figure out why that might not be the case and use that grey matter a little more than your salary requires, you might figure it out…

  • Joe

    Well my name is Joe just as it says…

    I replied because I felt like someone needed to tell you to get off your soapbox.

    What does you getting an email notification of a reply have to do with anything, haha.

  • Steve

    You do realize, that people who run business’ use their phone for work right? Calling clients, conferencing, responding to business related emails, etc. We don’t all work in factories, assembling widgets, or whatever grunt work you are doing that doesn’t allow you to use the phone.

  • Peter Pottinger

    Nobody cares how much you make and from your attitude I can tell you are a social loser with no friends.

  • dude

    i have an iphone 4s personal and work gave me a z10. The z10 can’t hold a charge for the day with no use. The 4s can hold a charge all day with full use…. But hey you know if Chen thinks that bold statement will move BB devices into the hands of iphone users… by all means my friend, you are clearly smarter with the qwerty approach as well .Tell those users what they should like !!! YEAH !!!

  • androiduser

    i had iphone 4, Nexus 4 and BB Bold.. I would never use BB ever again since it’s pretty useless other than send/receive emails… I presently use nexus 4 and it’s battery life is miserable.. I can’t wait to switch back to an iphone once the new one is out.. tried all 3 and realized iphone is the best.. haven’t tried windows phone yet but it lacks some of the apps i need

  • BBGoneMAD?

    LOL Seriously???
    BB is in no position to mock anyone in the smartphone market…

  • Hondanazi

    Wow, I thought this discussion was about how much a deluded a-hole Chen is! I guess he likes a challenge to turn around a company that hasn’t innovated in years and isn’t relevant anymore. BB is failing fast, I remember talking to BB users who looked down their noses when I got the first iPhone 2G, but they managed to see the change coming. Kinda like history will repeat itself and then this guy will clue in.

  • anonymous

    Ha! wall huger. i have a phone with a big battery, it can be swapped for another already charged battery and it is faster then an iPhone, has more features then an i iPhone, 1080p screen and 13mp camera and is better in every category that counts except maybe built quality as i have to give that one to apple with most comparisons. it is called a note 3 and if i use it frivolous i can get a day and a half to 2 days out of a charge. in battery saving mode 3 days this with brightness at 50%

  • StratoCruizer

    I have a Z10 and iPhone 5, I do resets on my apple products all the time. The BB10 has been rock solid for six months. iPhone 5 one year out of warranty and I had to do a full restore because any high current draws such as video streaming and the phone would shut down with any battery indication less than 50%.

    Hard reboot on any 10 products is a non issue so far in my experience. I now prefer my BlackBerry however I’d like to try the Galaxy Line of devices. Be nice to see how they measure up.