Check Out ADR Studios’ Latest Apple Watch Concept [PICS]



Antonio De Rosa from ADR Studios has released a new Apple Watch concept referred to as “Apple Watch Classic.”

The new concept shows what Apple’s recently announced wearable device would look like if it had a round display. The images show a design with a very slim bezel, similar to the design of the Moto 360.

apple_watch_classic_1apple_watch_classic_4 apple_watch_classic_3

The Apple Watch will be available in early 2015 in three models: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and the 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition which is said to start at $4,000. The base model of the Apple Watch is set to start at $349 USD.


  • Edge

    Wow, I know it’s personal, but, this looks WAY better than the real Apple watch. Apple is usually good at design but lately they’ve been lacking in some areas. When I saw the Apple watch announced I almost couldn’t believe how ugly it was (like not crazy ugly but not great either).

  • Junior C

    Wow very beautiful concept. I would be more Inclined to purchase the apple watch if it looked like this concept.

  • Tim

    A round face would have been nicer in my mind too, aesthetically at least. The square makes more sense for apps, but definitely uglier.

  • 6 plus

    I agree with you Edge.