Google Fit: Android’s New Health and Fitness Tracking Platform



Google unveiled Google Fit for Android today at its Google I/O Developers Conference. The new initiative will serve as a platform for health and fitness tracking. 

Google Fit is an open platform that the company has made available to developers starting today. Google will also be releasing an SDK for the platform, which is set to arrive within the next few weeks. 

Google Fit will gather data from your Android smartphone and/or your Android Wear-powered wearable device. The platform will be able to collect information in real-time and give you stats on how to improve your workout or how to improve your eating habits. 

The search giant will be partnering with various companies, including Adidas, Nike, Basis, Motorola, Withings, and more. 

“What we didn’t see from Google today is a dedicated app that collects all your data, like Apple’s Health app. Rather, the Fit initiative is a platform for health device manufacturers trying to make their devices interface with Android. Google product manager Ellie Powers described it as using a single set of APIs for all health products, meaning all devices could technically work with all health/fitness software.”


The release of Google Fit comes just a few weeks after Apple debuted Health, an app for iOS users, and Health Kit, a platform for developers to integrate their hardware with the app. 

Apple is actually creating its own app, while Google has created a set of APIs for developers to use and integrate into their own apps. Google has positioned Google Fit as a competitor to Apple’s HealthKit, as opposed to the Health app itself. 

Health and HealthKit are set to launch alongside iOS 8 and the long-rumoured health and fitness-based iWatch. 

[via Engadget]


  • ChrisShield5

    This space is all about the hardware. Yes the software will matter a lot, but what really needs to happen is new hardware.

    People think of the “smartwatch” as an extension of the smartphone. If that’s how it is marketed, it will never be big. The smartphone brought the internet to your pocket for the 1st time. The iPod brought your entire music library to pocket. The PC brought all of your paper documents to a digital box etc. etc.

    If they want these watches to take off, it really has to have an overall function that is truly worthy of a new category. It basically needs to be a fitness trainer/doctor on your wrist. Not a stupid pedometer, but able to do real analysis of your heart-rates, sleeping patterns, maybe some sort of chemical testing of your sweat etc.. Forgot the navigation, the smartphone does that pretty damn well and it’s not very hard to look at your phone. It’s nice to have while running around the city, but not really a gamechanger.. With the right lab-on-a-chip it *could* actually be revolutionairy though.