Here is the New Pebble Steel Smart Watch [PICS]


Pebble steel

A year after the official launch of the Pebble smartwatch, the Silicon Valley startup has another surprise for its customers: the launch of Pebble Steel, the higher-end, stainless-steel and Gorilla Glass version of the original Pebble (via Re/Code).


After selling 300,000 E-Ink smartwatches in a year, Eric Migicovsky, Pebble founder, is ready to take the smartwach experience to another level. The next generation watch, Pebble Steel, is less sporty than the original version and will come with swappable metal and leather bands in two versions: brushed stainless steel and matte black.


However, the higher-end Pebble Steel will cost a hundred dollar more than the original version: it will retail for $249 and will be available for shipping at the end of January (29th).

Otherwise, the higher-end Pebble smartwatch will perform everything the original version does. It will pair with your iPhone (or Android device) and run the same apps. It will also have the same battery life and is waterproof to 5 ATM.

Furthermore, Pebble is launching its own app store, which will feature optimized apps, such as Yelp, Foursquare, and GoPro.

After seeing the Pebble Steel seems like a more masculine looking smartwatch, and whoever liked the first generation will surely love this version as well. Is this something you would jump on?

[Image credit: Re/Code]


  • Olley

    steel version looks way more polished than the original. 100 dollar is worth of upgrading.

  • hank

    I like the “steel” version but that “pebble” inscription on screen makes it look … cheap.

  • Tim

    looks better for sure, but same screen/interface isn’t very innovative. I returned the first one after three days because I didn’t see the point. It would regularly lose its connection causing me to wonder if I was getting all my notifications so I was checking my phone all the time anyway.

  • Harvey Specter

    One word. PRETENTIOUS. That’s how I see people who wear these.

  • So I assume you’d classify fitness band folks in the same category? Cost is around the same.

  • Josh Brady

    Dont know how you dont value, avoiding taking your phone out of pocket for junkmail, controlling your music, seeing whose calling when your phone is charging etc, the use case list is long.

  • Edge

    I like it, and if cost wasn’t a factor I’d upgrade! What’s the name of the analogue face in the ad, I like it?

  • Edge

    Why? It’s just a useful tool.

  • sukisszoze

    At that price point, I would wait to see what Apple is coming out with.

  • Yeah too expensive with not enough new functionality.

  • Mike Ross

    Agree. It is just too much. But I think the word pretentious is an understatement. WANNABE is more like it. Come on guys, just wear your everyday Tag and you will be glad to keep things simple.

  • Harvey Specter

    I am not even considering pebble’s cost as a factor. More on the product features and intended use to us commoners (I humbly consider myself as one).

    Now as to the classification of fitness bands. Depends on what kind of fitness band. There are different kinds. If the band is the primary unit and the smartphone the secondary unit, it does not fall under the same category as pebble. It is usefull in that sense. But, if it is the other way around where the fitness band is the secondary unit and the smartphone the primary, that makes it in the same category as pebble which then makes it – – – yup!

  • mike

    To Harvey Specter & Mike Ross – Using the word PRETENTIOUS in caps and taking a stab at someone who wears a Pebble is pretentious in itself. Technology and ideas are growing and people are becoming more technical, even with a watch. Get with the times.