iOS 7 Concept Shows Off ‘Flat’ Design, Dashboard for Widgets [VIDEO]


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Belgian designer Mohamed Kerroudj released a new concept video early this morning to complete his series of iOS 7 concept videos, which we previously saw in March.

The concept is based on a vision of the rumoured ‘flat’ design of iOS 7, which is widely expected to debut at WWDC 2013 next month. Kerroudj takes things a bit further to integrate how he thinks Dashboard could be implemented. Check it out below:

What do you think of this concept?

[via iClarified]


  • Jason


  • K3

    ah, just like I like my ladies.

  • Completly missing the point

  • What the? It’s just graphic look ideas. The hard thing about designing a touchscreen operating system is designing and intuitive and versatile method of interacting with it. The “dashboard” concept didn’t show anything at all.

    How would one get to those dashboard elements, and how would you control which ones come up? If you have to cycle through them, which is the closest thing to what the video suggests, than that would be a very frustrating operating system to use.

    Finally, I think he completely missed the point of a “flat” OS. The only thing that has been flattened in that design concept is the lock screen. The “dashboard” he demoed is the same beveled, skeuomorphic design that Apple currently uses for those things, for cryin’ out loud! Stupid designers carelessly throwing buzzwords into their videos just to get hits. Disgraceful.