More iPhone 6 Destruction: Slow-Mo Drop Test at 35,000 FPS; Hammer Test [VIDEOS]


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This year’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launch has brought with it a whole bunch of new iPhone 6 torture tests, aside from the traditional drop tests.

YouTube channel RatedRR continues on with their planned six consecutive iPhone 6 torture test videos. Today’s third video brings a drop test in slow motion filmed at 35,000 frames per second. The iPhone 6 meets water, dirt and concrete:

If that wasn’t enough for you, TechSmartt has yet another torture test video, this time putting the iPhone 6 through a vigourous scratch test and hammer test.

Okay seriously–a hammer test is just completely bizarre and unnecessary. How often are you in a situation when your hammer might accidentally smash your iPhone screen multiple times?


  • Metromiller

    I love seeing actual damage from realistic causes, such as keys, but I wish they would’ve done some more everyday situations to give you an idea of what will happen to your phone when it’s subjected to certain things… Y’know, before they smashed it with a ball peen hammer! If you’re gonna destroy it, get some use out of it!

    On a related note; the answer to “will it blend?” is always “Yes!!”

  • Junior L

    Did anyone else want to shoot him in the face while watching this.

  • ABetterWorld

    This phone will hold up to these tests.

  • AbetterWorld

    The original plus phone

  • ABetterWorld

    Won’t allow me to post pic of a brick phone.

  • Steven

    made me cringe every time when youtubers do torture test on iPhones..

  • Kirk

    Jesus.. Because smashing 1000 dollar devices make TOTAL sense….. MERICA’!

    /end sarcasm*

  • Kirk

    *puts hand up*.