Hands-On: Alleged ‘iPhone 7’ Case Suggests Dual Camera Coming [VIDEO]


Although the iPhone 7 will not launch until this fall, the rumour mill has been busy spilling out information about the changes it may feature. In fact, some case manufacturers have already started producing cases for the iPhone 7, so such cases would give us an idea as to what to expect from the upcoming handset.

Iphone 7 case

The case in the video below acquired by iPhone in Canada is from reliable leaker Sonny Dickson, which will supposedly fit the iPhone 7. The first thing we noticed when compared to the size of the iPhone 6s, is that it feels a little bit snug, suggesting that we can expect a thinner iPhone.

Those who follow Apple closely may be familiar with Sonny Dickson’s name: For example, he leaked the gold iPhone 5s before its debut and also information about other unreleased iPhones.

The apparent iPhone 7 case measures 7 cm wide, 14.1 cm tall, and 9.0 mm thick.

One of the most noteworthy changes, however, is regarding the camera cutout: As you can see from the video inserted below, the cutout is placed much lower, and it is significantly wider than for the current models, which could corroborate rumours of a dual-camera lens. Interestingly, though, this feature was said to be limited to the iPhone 7 Plus only, so the case cutout just adds more confusion to mix.

The alleged iPhone 7 case lacks a 3.5 mm headphone jack cutout, but two similarly sized cutouts on either side of the Lightning port suggest that rumours of an all-in-one Lightning port may be proved correct this fall.


  • Buddha

    How about a shot from the top? Curious about stereo speakers. Also, is there a cut out on the back for the smart connector?

  • Léon

    0.9 cm (or 9 mm) thick, not 0.9mm

  • I’m just sayin’…

    He wrote “9.0 mm thick” brainiac!

  • Thanks updated

  • Léon

    Buddy, you’ve came late to the party. The text has been corrected in the meantime. And it’s not just about what has been written, the guy in the video also says “… and zero point nine millimeters thick “. Don’t be so quick to attack.